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The element influencing the character of Water is sprinkled, which makes it highly emotional, changeable in its moods and feelings, and the intellect is very important to it.

He likes to consider everything carefully, his inner life, intellectual and emotional, is very much developed, although not many people know about it.

He is sensitive to the harm of others and has a compassionate heart, which often manifests itself in acting for the benefit of others. However, he is also excessively sensitive and can undergo nervous breakdowns, because after failures of all kinds he can be difficult to get up.

There are also proverbs associated with the Element of Water, which fit well with the zodiacal Scorpion, including “you cannot enter the same water twice”, because if Scorpion is once hurt, he will certainly avoid such situations or people.

The saying “about bread and water” is also appropriate because if there is a need, the Scorpions can refuse everything and be satisfied with the existential minimum.

Saying “the ends in the water” meaning hiding the truth is also in place because it is difficult to know the secretive Scorpions until the end. “Silent water” well reflects the character of Scorpions, which try to be hard, are deeply sensitive and easily hurt.

The care planet and the features of Scorpio

The Planet-guardian of the Scorpions is Pluto, which gives them the ability to take great responsibility and makes them rely on them. Scorpions seriously think about life, you can trust them.

They carefully plan each expense and can be sure that they will achieve great successes in life, not only financial ones.

Pluto’s influence also sometimes makes them people who are dry, cold and haughty, which not everyone can accept. They are also calculating and sometimes they make contacts with people only for their own benefit.

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