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The health of Scorpions is usually not the best because they show a natural susceptibility to many diseases.

First of all, these are viral and bacterial infections as well as venereal diseases. They can complain of bladder and spine pain; they often suffer from throat and heart issues, and also have problems with the reproductive system and haemorrhoids.

So, they have to be very careful, and they must like the doctors because in their case any deviation from the norm should be consulted with a specialist. Also, not even very serious health problems and natural processes become harder than others, and they are also not helped by the tendency to be impetuous, jealous and nervous.

They should, therefore, try to lead the most hygienic way of life and ensure a lot of relaxation, which will allow them to take care of their mental well-being and physical health.


Among the Scorpions, there are plenty of people who are very slim by nature, but a large part of those born under this sign tend to gain weight, and this is from an early age.

To prevent this, they need to ensure that their diet contains many ingredients to accelerate the metabolism, as well as avoiding heavy, greasy dishes.

It is worth replacing them with light, vegetables, fruit and the largest portion of herbs because thanks to this they will be able to maintain the correct metabolism. It is also worth eating the least processed food, which will positively affect health.

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