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Scorpio – favourable signs

Scorpions like to compete and fight to achieve their goals. They do not give up easily, they have their own set order of things and a vision of what their life should look like, and these are not small requirements.

For this reason, life with them is not easy, and it will be best when they tie up with the signs from the water trident to which they belong, that is with Pisces or Cancer. They are very mild signs, thanks to which they communicate well.

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Scorpio + Cancer

Cancer is a very sensitive and emotional sign, having an extensive internal life, a great householder. He avoids fights, he hates rudeness and dulls them in all forms. It’s easy to hurt, even though he will not show it on the outside. He is changeable and falls in love easily, but then it passes quickly.

Male Cancer is willing to make great sacrifices for his family, about who he really cares. He is also extremely devoted to his chosen one, but he also needs praise and its clear signs, which is not easy to satisfy. He can be secretive, even with the most important person in his life.

Woman Cancer is a very warm, sensitive person and capable of great love. She needs warmth and love from her man. She needs to be seduced. She will certainly not take the first step because she is a traditionalist, and at the same time only opens up if she receives an appropriate portion of tenderness and patience.

Scorpio + Pisces

Pisces are calm and even phlegmatic. They always avoid conflicts, but they can generate them by their tendency to whims. There are also variables, which sometimes are not easy to keep up with and satisfy their requirements.

They are melancholy for no reason, and it is not easy for them to make a career and earn big money. Addictions also threaten them.

Great delicacy and distrust distinguish the Pisces woman, but sometimes she acts recklessly. She needs a sensitive man who will not be ashamed to show her his love – only then will she want to be open, sensitive and unprotected to the one.

The Pisces man is good for a relationship and can be a great father of the family. He needs a practical and self-confident woman who will keep up with him and be an ideal life companion for him.

The remaining signs of the zodiac that are favourable to Scorpion are Virgo, Sagitarrius, Scorpion, and Capricorn.

The signs of the Zodiac, neutral for Scorpio, are Aries, Taurus and Libra.

The signs of the Zodiac unfavourable to Scorpio are Leo, Gemini and Aquarius.

Click here and see the detailed partnership horoscope for Scorpio

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