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Scorpion strengths

Although sometimes it is difficult for him to admit even to himself, the greatest strength of Scorpio is his sensitivity.

While many Scorpions hide their emotions, not knowing what to do with their intensity and depth, when they find a way to regenerate and forgive those who have hurt them, they become amazing healers, psychologists, partners, and friends.

Scorpio is concentrated on the signs ruled by Mars and Pluto. When he wants to do something, he can get an obsessive and unbelievable dedication to the goal. Scorpio is also very intuitive with a deep understanding of how the universe works.

It makes him feel good in any job that needs research and someone who is always a step ahead or is prepared for the worst.

Scorpion weaknesses

When the Scorpion hurts, the pain is too deep, and he wants to turn to revenge, often filled with hatred and anger. These emotions can become destructive both to him and others, and his real challenge is to accept them in a normal way to free himself from them and turn to the future instead of turning to the past.

Manipulative and strangely unaware of this feature, Scorpio often uses its depth of understanding to lead people to the desired direction. He acts passively, which brings complicated emotions, and every Scorpion must be careful and be in constant contact with other people.

Scorpions also have a lot of fear of being hurt, and one must remember that deep emotions control them. They are also jealous, which makes them one of the “smallest” signs of the zodiac. Another disadvantage of Scorpio is getting mad not only for complicated reasons.

Whenever he withdraws from someone, he does not inform the person about his choice, why he did it, and often he cannot communicate and solve things that are simple and generate misunderstandings.

Scorpion in relationships

Scorpios are loyal and committed in all their relationships, and once they feel that they can trust someone, they become open, caring and are very close. As intense people, unfortunately, they betray worse than any other signs of the zodiac.

Scorpion as a partner

In romantic relationships, Scorpio may violate the limits of a loved one and should be careful when building relationships with people with a free mood that may be inappropriate in its approach. He must break away from symbiotic ties and provide enough space for his partner to build his own world in every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, have enough time and breathe.

If Scorpio is in his obsessive mood, he does not notice that he is pushing on his close person, creating too much pressure and taking away the magic of love he had previously fought for with such intensity. In the end, it can lead to pain and suffering, but the only thing that causes it turns out to be their desire.

Scorpio as a parent

These people are flooded with feelings and tethered by the bonds of blood. The biggest challenge Scorpios have to face as parents are the fear that they will be abandoned or left alone. They must give peace and from the beginning leave their children’s decisions while acknowledging the fact that they have been thrown out of the family nest, and at the same time not feel hurt by this fact.

Over time, this internal conflict becomes stronger, and even if they do not have an attachment to the child, with time, they can establish a bond with the adult child.

Scorpio as a child

Scorpio is often quiet and secretive, although it can go to other extremes and become aggressive if its parents are not caring enough. When he learns how to express his first emotions, he will be intense and often misunderstood by parents and other children. He needs an emotionally stable parent; usually a mother, to learn to show how he feels.

Generally speaking, young Scorpios are not difficult to handle, and you can easily meet their requirements when it comes to basic physical needs. However, they will be an emotional challenge, and sometimes they run into danger without a clear picture of the possible consequences.

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