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Pisces – strengths

One of the greatest strengths of Pisces is their imagination, which gives them creativity, enables them to focus and dedicate themselves as soon as they get involved in a matter.

These people are talented, compassionate and sensitive, always having the vision they need to live. They will adapt easily, are spontaneous and full of surprises, and at the same time gifted with strong faith in the importance of relationships with other people.

Perfect and talented, they are people looking for their own Utopia, imaginative as someone who rules the world of dreams and imagination. They are people responsible for all talents and roots of creativity.

Sensitivity is what regulates their aura, their border with the outside world, and vibrates in perfect frequencies, recognising the smallest emotions of people around them.

The people of Pisces are also unselfish. Through the influence of Jupiter, they seem to be ready to share their love with the rest of the world and give each piece of their soul to make others happier.


They can be a very worrisome sign if their goals disappear or turn out to be wrong. They easily fall under the influence of others and may become weak because even though they have great talents, it may be that they are simply not able to find them.

Confused and lost in the human race, representatives of Pisces can become lonely and disconnected from other people in their own imaginary world, where rules other than those of modern society apply. Pisceans are willing to resort to their reality because this world is too rough and aggressive for their delicate nature.

They feel that they cannot bear so many adverse situations, and they lack the energy and courage to face people or the circumstances that cause them trouble. They are also unbelieving as if they had no idea where they were going or from where they came.

They are not people who can be expected to be punctual or stick to realities at any time. They are also undecided and uninteresting people because they are not always sure who they are. It is easy for them to get into a state of weak self-control, especially if they are surrounded by those who force them to take their opinions and teach others about good and evil.

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Pisces in relationships

The strength of faith that Pisces has in anything that appears in their lives often attracts to them many different people who need help.

As long as both sides are aware of their role, it can be a very good situation, the support given by the representative of the Pisces sign is authentic, complete and exactly what the other person asks for and needs.

Pisceans surprise with careful listening because most people simply skip it, but also may have trouble opening up to new people, especially if they have been injured many times.

Pisces as a partner

When it comes to romantic engagement, Pisces is a sign of the exaltation of Venus, and it is visible in the world of these people.

Not only will their faith in love be clear and unmixed even after many disappointments, but they will also have the opportunity to enjoy it better than other signs of the zodiac. Even without physical pleasure, they can make contact with another person on a spiritual level, sensing their states and creating sensitive relationships that others cannot see.

Their fondness for love often leads to mutual relationships, partners with mystery or emotional desires, as well as strangely oriented sexual relations that they must hide from the rest of the world.

Pisces as a parent

When they become parents, the representatives of the Pisces sign usually become larger realists than they were before they gained this new responsibility.

It does them good, helps cleanse their minds, and their children remind them of the love they believe in each day. Although their expectations can be completely eliminated, their approach is unusual, strange and completely unpredictable, in most cases they are always on the spot, ready to listen, give support and love to their children.

Sensitive and open to external influences, they must have clear boundaries in contact with friends and other parents, or they may become unreliable and unstable in the eyes of their children, changing their approach based on the beliefs and character of others.

Pisces as a child

When the child of Pisces is born, it is the greeting of the fairy-tale hero on planet Earth. His nature is complex, and he needs someone with great patience, sensitivity and understanding to ensure proper conduct.

Sensitive and quiet, these children are calm, they love to sleep, and are often stuck in the phase of withdrawal with amazing stories, lies or manipulative methods to get what they want from their parents. Above all, they need stability and clearly defined customs.

This will help to build their world of dreams to a large extent and will make them feel the importance of the physical body and approach to reality. Pisces parents must be flexible and polite but at the same time firm and have clear expectations.

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