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The element of Pisces is Water, which gives them great emotionality as well as intuitiveness. They are almost esoteric signs, in flight that capture the emotions of other people, even if they do not know and name them.

Pisces predict the future in a very subtle and not always noticeable way so that they can react faster than others and always accordingly. Unfortunately, however, the presence of Water in their sign also means that they are not certain what they want to do every time. They tend to withdraw into themselves and think a lot, not always about the most important issues, which means that many people may avoid them.

They are impulsive and very susceptible to any influences from outside, which is why they often take on other people’s opinions and views and may be considered unstable and even unreliable. They like to parry with magic, and sometimes they have some skills in this direction, but above all their intuition and ability to sense the emotions of others is unusual, which, however, does not always reflect positively on them.

The care planet and the characteristics of Pisces

The fish keeper is the Neptune planet. It makes them so sensitive, empathetic and also somewhat mysterious that they often amaze those around them.

They are very sensitive to others and influences, they are deeply compassionate and always willing to help, which they often lose because they can be used.

Neptune also gives them a great intuition, and even a sixth sense, which develops strongly through an interest in mystical matters. Negative aspects of Neptune’s influence on Pisces can be noticed above all in their shakiness, inability to take entrepreneurial actions and the tendency to escape from reality, especially when they do not succeed.

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