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Pisces: favourable signs

Pisces are quite difficult in relationships because they cannot open up easily, are withdrawn into their own world, and are slow, which can be annoying for more dynamic characters.

The most successful relationships, devoid of conflicts, at least minimally, are therefore best with those people from the same trigon – water.

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Pisces + Cancer

Cancer is sensitive and has a strongly developed internal life as well as contemplating Pisces. He does not like aggression and tries not to engage in conflicts, but he is not passive, and if he needs, he will fight. He can be hurt easily. The problem may be his variability, as well as the love that passes quickly.

Male Cancer is capable of great sacrifices for the benefit of loved ones. His woman feels like a princess because even after many years spent together, he continually showers her with proof of hislove, providing, however, that he receives the same in exchange.

Cancer woman has a lot of patience and great sensitivity, which makes her capable of great love

Pisces + Scorpio

Scorpio has an impulsive character and values ​​his individuality, which he will not let anyone control him. Often, however, his emotions dominate him, and he can engage in toxic relationships that complicate his life. He can focus heavily on what is important to him and keeps his arguments away which can be exhausting.

The Scorpion man is very jealous of his partner, but not necessarily because of his great feelings and his own love. He always wants to dominate, so he needs a wise woman who will be able to guide him so that he always thinks that he is the one who rules. He also needs great patience and tenderness because he constantly lacks it.

The Scorpion woman is full of contradictions, making it difficult to understand. She is brutally honest and can be rough, but at the same time, She can seduce and never complains about the lack of men adoring her. She must have a loyal partner who is fully devoted because she cannot stand the competition and is extremely jealous. Her explosive temperament, however, translates into a great passion in love.

Click here and see the detailed partner horoscope for the Pisces sign

The remaining signs of the zodiac are favourable to Pisces: Taurus, Capricorn and the Pisces themselves.

The signs of the Zodiac, neutral for Pisces, are Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.

Zodiac signs that are unfavourable to Pisces are Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

On the next page, you read about the element and the planet associated with Pisces.

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