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The Lion Fire element which gives him a warm heart, full of kindness and capable of great love, not only romantically but also to his neighbour, at the same time also makes him impulsive, he may be inclined to act violently and can even be dangerous.

Leos are full of good intentions and would like to help everyone and ease their destiny even if it is impossible for them to be able to do so.

However, when something goes wrong, or someone annoys them, they can become completely unpredictable. They are full of enthusiasm, changeable and moody; it is not always possible to predict their moods. The proverbs associated with Fire are well-suited to them, for example, the term “straw fire” which means enthusiasm that passes quickly.

Leos are quickly discouraged, or something stops being attracted to them, especially when it turns out that they have to work hard to get it. Another saying, “play with fire”, is also adequate because Leos are not afraid of risk and will willingly take them, and even look for such situations because it is exciting for them.

The phrase, “catch it for fire” meaning mobility and nervous reactions is also the most suitable for Leos.

The guardian planet and the features of Leo

The astrological planet-guardian is the Sun, which has a very strong influence on them. It makes the Leos emotional, capable of great love and sacrifices in her name. They are very good people, focused on doing good and helping others.

Unfortunately, these features are often eliminated by others, also caused by the presence of the Sun in the sign, that is explosiveness, impulsiveness and unbridled emotions, which sometimes make them even dangerous.

Besides, they are proud; they require honour almost due to kings, uncompromising and commanding. They always want to dominate, in their private and professional lives, naturally taking the leading position.

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