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Leos are very strong and resilient people when it comes to physical health, but they are also not entirely immune to certain diseases.

Often, the especially complain of problems with their circulatory system and heart. They can also tend to be overweight, which causes other issues. Sometimes they even have problems with the spine, kidneys and a fever.

They easily get colds, and because Leos do not like to heal, they usually wait for the disease to pass by itself and struggle with severe ailments. Their emotionality also makes them prone to depression, especially if they are disappointed by the people they trust and help.

Leos need to be more careful about what they eat, trying to follow a light diet and take care of a large amount of omega 3 acids that support the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It is also important to do sports that will help them stay fit and not resist before visiting the doctor and performing check-ups.


Because Leos are at risk of being overweight, they must pay attention to what is on their menu. Due to being active, they should force themselves to eat meals and eat them more slowly and to introduce into their diet foods that improve metabolism, including spices and herbs.

Their diet should also include fibre, healthy vegetables and whole grains.

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