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Virgo next week horoscope

Virgo horoscope for the next week
from 23.02 to 29.02 2020

Virgo weekly horoscope
Virgo horoscope for next week : Being extremely energetic and joyful, you'll start a new period in your life. An interesting offer is almost at your doorstep! Consider all pros and cons carefully and make sure you won't regret it later.

Daily horoscope Virgo : 16 February 2020 (Sunday)

Virgo - lucky numbers for next week : 6, 7, 13, 14, 21, 26

Weekly horoscope : from 23.02 to 29.02 2020

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Weekly horoscope - health : 70%, work : 70%, love : 10%, luck : 40%, mood : 60%

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Quote of the week:
Those who'll play with cats must expect to be scratched.

Did you know about it ?
A one ounce milk chocolate bar has 6 mg of caffeine.

Joke of the week :
What a rip-off. I went into our local bookstore and saw this huge display with a sign saying "Newly translated from the original French: 37 mating positions." Noticing that the books were already wrapped in plain brown paper, I just hadda buy one. Once safely at home I opened it, out of sight of my wife, and found that I had just purchased an expensive book about Chess.

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