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Scorpio weekly horoscope

Scorpio Weekly horoscope

06.02 - 12.02 2023

Scorpio weekly horoscope

Scorpio horoscope for this week

You will feel tired and overwhelmed by many things that have fallen upon you in recent days. If you can, take vacation and go out with someone who can cheer you up, understand you and make you laugh. If you are unable to take vacation now, give yourself some rest to regain strength and vigor.

Do not undertake any additional work now, reduce your professional activity to a minimum. If you use this week for a good rest, you will feel a surge of strength and a much better mood in the next week.

Daily horoscope Scorpio : February 9, 2023 (Thursday)

Scorpio next week horoscope

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Scorpio this week horoscope

Love horoscope

Scorpio - love horoscope for this week

If your partner is your support, he or she will help you through this difficult period. If you argue, don't add to your problems. Singles will look for sensitive, empathetic people they can rely on.

Your weekly love chart : 60%

love Scorpio

Finance horoscope

Scorpio - weekly finance horoscope

Be careful with financial matters, count your money well and read contracts twice. Don't be tempted by an easy and quick cash flow.

Lucky numbers

Lucky numbers for this week : 5, 10, 27, 33, 40, 41

Weekly horoscope

Scorpio horoscope

Your favorable zodiac signs for this week : Libra, Virgo

Watch out for these zodiac signs : Capricorn, Leo

Tip for this week : "I can and I will. Watch me." – Carrie Green

Weekly charts

Weekly horoscope : 06.02 - 12.02 2023

health Scorpio work Scorpio luck Scorpio mood Scorpio
Weekly horoscope - health : 60%, work : 20%, luck : 10%, mood : 90%

Scorpio - your weekly tarot

Your Weekly Tarot Horoscope :

Six of Cups

click card's name to read details Scorpio

Apology · Old relationships · Reconciliation · Memories · Return

The Six of Cups is often a card about nostalgia and looking back on old things. It can be (though not always) connected with children or childhood. You should direct your thoughts towards the person you should apologize to.

Tarot for this week: love, finances. Description of the situation : presents :future, The answer to your question: YES / NO

read details : Six of Cups

Quote of the week:
No amount of study or learning will make a man a leader unless he has the natural qualities of one.

Did you know?
The heart of an astronaut actually gets smaller when in outer space.

Joke of the week :
Q. Whats long, hard and full of semen??A. A submarine.Sent by sam

Funny video for this week :
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Scorpio – horoscope for this week
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