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Libra horoscope :


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Libra horoscope

Libra horoscope

Libra Period: Sep 23 – Oct 22

Friendly signs: Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius.
Unfriendly signs: Gemini, Aries, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius.
Lucky stones: malachite, amethyst, topaz.
Lucky colors: yellow, celeste, green.
The most suitable career: administration, business, education, health service, banking, science, industry, technique and inventing.

Libras are those people who solve every conflict. They are great mediators – objective, reasonable. Their life motto is to always strive for justice, that’s why Libra is associated with Themis – the goddess of justice.

Most of all, Libras want to live in harmony with their conscience. It’s their main advantage, as well as constant striving for harmony. They are great adepts of art, room decorators, and artist in any field which requires harmony and balance. That’s why their hobby is often art.

As they are good at solving problems, Libras have to be well-oriented in many matters. That results in their broad, but often shallow knowledge of many topics. That also makes them good interlocutors, very appreciated in company.

There’s a moment when they believe they know enough and stop learning. Libras are advised to be more moderated in perceiving themselves, but also to be more hard working and provident. A bit of self-criticism would do no harm to Libras, as well as more effort in striving for goals.

Many things comes to Libras easier than to others, that’s why they don’t have to try so hard to achieve them, and they believe everything will come itself. Libra should wonder, especially through the example of other people, about his/her potential achievements, if he/she only put a bit more effort in striving for it.

In relationships, Libras need passionate, tender, caring partners, who are able to stimulate the emotions necessary which are to live,  but also confident and consistent, who can lead Libra to aims and show that nothing comes without effort.

Libras aren’t short-tempered, they rarely get into arguments, as they simply avoid and are scared of them. They don’t have own opinions and avoid situations in which they would have to support one of the sides. It happens that Libras, because of their passivity, are considered two-facet and untrustworthy. And Libra should learn making decisions, as she may someday need to decide for him/herself.

In professional life, Libras are perfect and diligent teachers, scrupulous clerks. In spite of appearances, they aren’t good judges or lawyers, as those professions require making decisions, and Libras are not good at it.

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