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Libra : character

characterLibra’s character features

People of Libra are well-organized, harmonious, fair, careful, hard working and emotionally stable. They don’t lack charm and beauty, happen to be sensitive and capable of intensive emotions. Already as children they are charming, sociable and very optimistic, they long for knowledge and, what’s important – know how to gain it.

People of Libra are proper for working in diplomacy, but also artistic jobs, however they shouldn’t be afraid of other professions, especially those in which they could prove useful. They will make great production managers, leaders of ideological or liberation movements…As a general rule, professional life is one of their priorities.

People of Libra value peaceful and decent life, but avoid problems and obstacles. Love is the most important thing to them – in the name of love, they can resign of professional career and many other things which are not as important as feelings for the partner. They realize their ethical ideals, like preaching high ideas, especially those connected with being a good, kind man. Famous for such an approach is, for example, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – also a Libra.

A huge influence on Libras has also the decade they were born. People from the first decade (23rd  September – 2nd October) are not only watched by Venus, but also the Moon, which gives them artistic taste and love for traveling. People from the second decade (3rd – 10th October) are strongly affected by Saturn, which makes them melancholic and depressed, but also likely to lead an interesting sociable life. The third decade (11th – 23rd October) is connected not only with Venus, but also Jupiter, thanks to which people of this decade feel a strong desire of justice, are cunning, intellectually talented, curious in nature and interested in gaining knowledge, but also restless inside.

As a result, Libra is a sign of the zodiac which guarantees a huge variety talents and possibilities.

Libras as partners

libra relationshipShe-Libra loves to attract and impress the opposite gender, that’s why she is always up-to-date with cosmetic and fashion trends, and never leaves her house without a proper preparation. She would never wear unfashionable clothes for a regular meeting with friends. Although she have a lot of admirers, she is very picky and it’s not easy for her to chose the right partner. She values intelligent, cultural and helpful men, as well as their high position. If the partner is able to guarantee her a peaceful, pleasant and convenient life, She-Libra will be caring, tender and supportive in every matter in return.

He-Libra likes peaceful, harmonious and convenient life, and that’s what he will be striving for in his relationship to feel truly happy. He cares about his appearance, is sensual and requires the same from his partner, paying attention to her appearance, although personality and character also matters to him. He knows how to be charming, is a master of flirtation and, unfortunately, before he gets stability, he treats women only as an object of desire.

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