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Leo weekly horoscope

Leo weekly horoscope
from 09.12 to 15.12 2019

Leo weekly horoscope
Leo horoscope for this week : Restrain yourself and your emotions. Take it easy, take more care of your appearance, improve your weak physical condition, and everything will be fine. You're on the best way to succeed, don't change the direction, and the reward is almost there.

Daily horoscope Leo : 13 December 2019 (Friday)

Leo - lucky numbers for this week : 5, 8, 10, 14, 24, 31

Weekly horoscope : from 09.12 to 15.12 2019

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Weekly horoscope - health : 50%, work : 90%, love : 40%, luck : 100%, mood : 40%

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Quote of the week:
The essence of a general's job is to assist in developing a clear sense of purpose . to keep the junk from getting in the way of important things.

Did you know about it ?
A blue whale's heart is the size of a Volkswagen Beetle!

Joke of the week :
This guy is walking through Chinatown and sees a building with asign "Hans Olaffsen's Laundry." "Hans Olaffsen?", he thinks. "How inthe world does that fit in here?"So, he walks into the shop and sees an old Chinese gentleman sittingin the corner. The visitor asks, "How in the world did this placeget a name like Hans Olaffsen's Laundry?"The old man answers "Is name of owner."The visitor asks "Well, who is the owner?""I am he," answers the old man."You? How did you ever get a name like Hans Olaffsen?"The old man replies, "Many years ago when I come to this country, Iwas standing in line at Documentation Center. Man in front of mewas big blonde Swede. Lady look at him and go, "What your name?" Hesay, " Hans Olaffsen." She look at me say, "What your name?" I say,"Sam Ting."

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