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Leo weekly horoscope

Leo Weekly horoscope

24.01 - 30.01 2022

Leo weekly horoscope

Leo horoscope for this week

You are in for an exciting week. Events and well-being will change like a kaleidoscope. Constant changes at the end of the week will make you tired and overworked, so be sure to spend the weekend in such a way as to have a good rest.

Try to find a golden mean, do not get too emotionally involved in what will happen around you. The next week will be quiet and some things will resolve themselves, so now don't worry too much.

Daily horoscope Leo : January 26, 2022 (Wednesday)

Leo next week horoscope

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Leo this week horoscope

Love horoscope

Leo - love horoscope for this week

You want to experience an erotic adventure. Everything will be fine in marriages and long-term relationships. If you have a strong bond, especially in young relationships, your intimate relationships will change, you will feel a surge of energy and fascination with yourself.

Your weekly love chart : 80%

love Leo

Finance horoscope

Leo - weekly finance horoscope

You will be inclined to spend money. The desire to have fun and strive for perfect appearance will be most important to you. Try to control these aspirations, the consequences may prove difficult to fix. Your health may also suffer.

Lucky numbers

Lucky numbers for this week : 3, 5, 9, 11, 15, 47

Weekly horoscope

Leo horoscope

Your favorable zodiac signs for this week : Scorpio, Aries

Watch out for these zodiac signs : Aquarius, Pisces

Tip for this week : "If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is." – Angelina Jolie

Weekly charts

Weekly horoscope : 24.01 - 30.01 2022

health Leo work Leo luck Leo mood Leo
Weekly horoscope - health : 60%, work : 80%, luck : 80%, mood : 10%

Leo - your weekly tarot

Your Weekly Tarot Horoscope :

Nine of Pentacles

click card's name to read details Leo

Abundance · Financial security · Wealth · Welfare · Affluence

The Nine of Pentacles is one of the most uplifting and encouraging signs in the tarot. It may mean that your financial worries have passed some time ago and that, overall, everything will go better than you think possible. Enjoy this good energy and share your riches and happiness with others.

Tarot for this week: love, finances. Description of the situation : presents :future, The answer to your question: YES / NO

read details : Nine of Pentacles

Quote of the week:
Cosmic upheaval is not so moving as a little child pondering the death of a sparrow in the corner of a barn.

Did you know?
Female canaries cannot sing.

Joke of the week :
Q: When does a person decide to become an accountant?A: When he realises he doesn't have the charisma to succeed as an undertaker.

Funny video for this week :
weekly horoscope leo
Leo – horoscope for this week
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