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Leo next week horoscope

Leo horoscope for the next week
from 23.02 to 29.02 2020

Leo weekly horoscope
Leo horoscope for next week : You won't get bored – this week will bring you some new, interesting acquaintances, and will be favorable to love. Also, analyze the situation at home - try to fix what's broken, and improve what's working well, but be careful, as it may result in your relative's rebel. Act sensibly and they'll appreciate your initiative.

Daily horoscope Leo : 16 February 2020 (Sunday)

Leo - lucky numbers for next week : 6, 7, 13, 14, 21, 26

Weekly horoscope : from 23.02 to 29.02 2020

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Weekly horoscope - health : 100%, work : 90%, love : 60%, luck : 50%, mood : 70%

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Quote of the week:
My tongue swore, but my mind was still unpledged.

Did you know about it ?
Natural gas has no smell. The odor is artificially added so that people will be able to identify leaks and take measures to stop them.

Joke of the week :
A missionary is sent into deepest darkest depths of Africa to live with atribe. He spends years with the people, teaching them to read, write andgood Christian values. One thing he particularly stresses is the evil ofsexual sin. ?Thou must not commit adultery or fornication!?One day the wife of one of the Tribe?s noblemen gives birth to a white baby.The village is shocked and the chief is sent by his people to talk with themissionary.You have taught us of the evils of sexual sin, yet here a black woman givesbirth to a white child. You are the only white man who has ever set foot inour village. Anyone can see what?s going on here!?The missionary replies, ?No, no, my good man. You are mistaken. What youhave here is a natural occurrence - what is called an albino. Look to thyyonder field. See a field of white sheep, and yet amongst them is one blackone. Nature does this on occasion.?The chief pauses for a moment then says, ?Tell you what, you don?t sayanything about the sheep, I won?t say anything about the white baby.?

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