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Aries weekly horoscope

Aries weekly horoscope
from 18.02 to 24.02 2019

Aries weekly horoscope
Aries horoscope for this week : A lot of social meetings ahead of you. Some people will try to fool you and get you involved in ideas which are supposed to bring huge benefits. Don't let them deceive you with temping offers and unjustified hopes. It's pointless. Be careful with making decisions.

Daily horoscope Aries : 19 February 2019 (Tuesday)

Aries - lucky numbers for this week : 17, 21, 24, 32, 49, 50

Weekly horoscope : from 18.02 to 24.02 2019

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Weekly horoscope - health : 70%, work : 60%, love : 50%, luck : 40%, mood : 10%

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Quote of the week:
In a total work, the failures have their not unimportant place.

Did you know about it ?
For beer commercials, they add liquid detergent to the beer to make it foam more.

Joke of the week :
Two guys were out hunting, but they weren't getting any ducks. "What do you think the problem is?" one man asked his companion. "I dunno," came the reply, "Maybe we aren't throwing the dog up high enough."

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