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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

today aries

Today Horoscope Aries : Unfortunately, you may catch a flu. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, do it right now.

Aries horoscope for tomorrow

Lucky numbers for today : 2, 18, 28, 31, 34, 43

Aries daily horoscope : percentage distribution of your horoscope of the day December 11 , 2018

zdrowie dla baran

work for aries
love for aries
luck for aries

health: 70%, work: 70%, love: 20%, luck: 90%, mood: 80%

Aries Horoscope for tomorrow

Quote of the day for you :

I do not believe that any writer has ever exposed this bovaryisme, the human will to see things as they are not, more clearly than Shakespeare.

Did you know about it?

A pound of potato chips costs 200 times more than a pound of potatoes.

Joke of the day
|An Irishman, a black guy, and a white guy were driving through the desert when they suddenly ran out of gas. They all decided to start walking to the nearest town (which they had passed 50 miles back) to get some help. A rancher was sitting on his front porch that evening when he saw the white guy top the horizon and walk toward him. The rancher noticed that the white guy was carrying a glass of water, so when he was within hearing distance, the rancher said, “Hi there…what are you doing carring a glass of water through the desert?” The white guy explained his predicament and explained that since he had a long way to go, he might get thirsty, so that’s why he was carrying the water. A little while later the rancher noticed the black guy walking toward him with a loaf of bread in his hand. “What are you doing?” asked the rancher again. As before, the black guy explained the situation and said that since he had a long way to go, he might get hungry and that’s why he had the bread. Finally the Irishman appeared, dragging a car door through the sand. More curious than ever, the rancher asked, “Hey, why are you dragging that car door?” “Well,” he said, “I have a long way to go, so if it gets too hot, I’ll roll down the window.”

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