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Gemini Tomorrow Horoscope

Friday, 18 January 2019

tomorrow horoscope for gemini

Tomorrow horoscope : You may take to many duties and fail to do something. You’ll win, provided you get focused on the most important matter.

Horoscope for today (Thursday)

Gemini – lucky numbers for tomorrow : 16, 22, 28, 29, 36, 38

Percentage distribution of your horoscope of the day 18 January 2019 (Friday)

health for gemini

work gemini tommrow
love gemini tomorrow
luck gemini

health: 70%, work: 20%, love: 30%, luck: 100%, mood: 10%

Gemini Today Horoscope (Thursday)

Quote for you :

The true lover of learning then must his earliest youth, as far as in him lies, desire all truth. . .He whose desires are drawn toward knowledge in every form will be absorbed in the pleasures of the soul, and will hardly feel bodily pleasures- -I mean, if he be a true philosopher and not a sham one. . .Then how can he who has the magnificence of mind and is the spectator of all times and all existence, think much of human life He cannot. Or can such a one account death fearful No indeed.

Did you know about it?

The penguin is the only bird that can swim, but cannot fly.

One afternoon, a lawyer was riding in the back of his limousine when he saw two men eating grass by the road side. He ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate. “Why are you eating grass?”, he asked one man. “We don’t have any money for food.”, The poor man replied. “Oh, come along with me then.” “But sir, I have a wife with two children!” “Bring them along! And you, come with us too!”, he said to the other man. “But sir, I have a wife with six children!” the second man answered. “Bring them as well!” They all climbed into the car, which was no easy task, even for a car as large as the limo. Once underway, one of the poor fellows says “Sir, you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you.” The lawyer replied “No, you don’t understand, the grass at my home is about three feet tall!”

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