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September 18

September 18 – Famous Birthdays

Jada Pinkett Smith (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1971


Ronaldo (SOCCER PLAYER) 1976


Greta Garbo (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1905-1990


September 18 – Famous Birthdays

1684 Johann Gottfried Walther Erfurt Germany, composer/Musicographer
1709 Dr Samuel Johnson writer (Boswell’s tour guide)
1733 George Read lawyer/signed Declaration of Independence
1752 Adrien-Marie Legendre mathematician, worked on elliptic integrals
1779 Joseph Story Mass, US Supreme Court justice (1812-45)
1819 Jean-Bernard-L‚on Foucault his pendulum proved Earth rotates
1870 Clark Wissler anthropologist (American Indian)
1883 Lord Berners (Gerald Tyrwhitt) England, composer (1st Childhood)
1893 Arthur Benjamin Sydney Australia, composer (Jamaican Rumba)
1895 John G Diefenbaker Neustadt Ontario, 13th Canadian PM (C) (1957-63)
19– David Forsyth actor (Search for Tomorrow, John-Another World)
19– Jim Brogan Boston Mass, comedian (Out of the Blue)
19– Lita Ford rocker (If I Close My Eyes Forever)
19– Ricardo “Ricky” Bell rocker (New Edition-Heart Break)
1901 Harold Clurman producer/director (Deadline at Dawn)
1905 Agnes De Mille NYC, choreographer (Oklahoma)
1905 Claudette Colbert Paris, actress (Lily Chauchoin, Arise My Love)
1905 Eddie “Rochester” Anderson Oakland Calif, actor (Jack Benny Show)
1905 Greta Garbo Stockholm (Ninotchka, Grand Hotel, Camille)
1916 John J Rhodes (Rep-R-Az)
1916 Rossano Brazzi Bologna Italy, actor (Antaeus-Survivors)
1920 Jack Warden Newark NJ, actor (NYPD, Crazy Like a Fox, Norby)
1924 Zelda Fichandler Boston, theater director/producer (Raisin, K2)
1925 Harvey Haddix baseball pitcher (pitched perfect game into 12th)
1928 Phyllis Kirk Syracuse NY, actress (Thin Man, Red Button’s Show)
1932 Jack Mullaney Pitts Pa, actor (My Living Doll, It’s About Time)
1932 Nikolai N Rukavishnikov cosmonaut (Soyuz 10, 16, 33)
1933 Jimmie Rodgers Wash, country singer (Honeycomb)
1933 Robert Blake Nutley NJ, (Baretta, Little Rascals, Coast to Coast)
1933 Roman Polanski Paris France, director (Rosemary’s Baby, Chinatown)
1939 Fred Willard Ohio, comedian (Fernwood 2 Night, Real People)
1940 Frankie Avalon Phila, actor (Beach movies)/singer (Venus)
1941 Mariangela Melato Milan Italy, actress (Flash Gordon, Summer Night)
1944 Charles Lacy Veach Chicago Illinois, astronaut (STS 39)
1955 Jeana Tomasino Milwaukee Wis, playmate (Nov, 1980)
1964 Holly Robinson Phila, actress (21 Jump Street)
1966 Spike vocal/guitar (Ian Spice Breathe, Flash Cadillac-R&R Forever)

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