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September 17

September 17 – Famous Birthdays

Cuba Gooding Jr. (MOVIE ACTOR) 1968


Kate Bosworth (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1983


Taye Diggs (MOVIE ACTOR) 1971


September 17 – Famous Birthdays

879 Charles III [The Simple], king of France (893-923)
1271 Wenceslas II king of Bohemia & Poland (1278-1305)
1730 Baron Frederick von Steuben Germany, made Continental Army winners
1743 Marquis de Condorcet France, enlightenment philosopher
1774 Joseph Caspar Mezzofanti Cardinal/linguist (understood 70 languages)
1819 Thomas Andrews Hendricks (D) 21st US VP; died in office
1850 Ab¡lio Manuel Guerra Junqueiro Portuguese poet (The Simple Ones)
1857 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky pioneer in rocket & space research
1869 Christian Lange Norway, pacifist/internationalist (Nobel 1921)
1884 Charles Tomlinson Griffes Elmira NY, composer (White Peacock)
19– Chris Conrad actor (Matt-High Mountain Rangers)
19– Ty Tabor rocker (King’s X-Faith Hope Love)
1904 Frederick Ashton choreographer (Cinderella)
1907 Warren E Burger Minn, Supreme Court chief justice (1969-86)
1917 Lawrence Jacob Atlantic City NJ, artist (Sanitarium)
1917 Peter Bennett London, actor (Leonides-Adv of Sir Lancelot)
1921 Virgilio Barco Vargas president of Colombia (1986-90)
1922 Ursula Howells London, actress (Girly, Murder is Announced)
1923 Hank Williams country singer (Cold, Cold Heart, Hey Good Lookin’)
1927 George Blanda Penn, NFL hall of famer (Bears, Oilers, Raiders)
1928 Roddy McDowall actor (Planet of the Apes, Lord Love a Duck)
1930 David Huddleston Vinton Va, actor (How the West Was Won)
1930 Edgar Dean Mitchell Hereford Texas, Capt USN/astronaut (Apollo 14)
1930 Thomas P Stafford Weatherford Ok, USAF/astronaut (Gem 6 9, Ap 10 18)
1931 Anne Bancroft AKA Mrs Mel Brooks, Bronx, actress (Graduate)
1933 Charles Grassley (Sen-R-Iowa)
1933 Dorothy Loudon Boston Mass, actress (Garbo Talks, Garry Moore Show)
1933 Patricia Crowley Olyphant Pa, actress (Please Don’t Eat the Daisies)
1934 Maureen “Little Mo” Connolly tennis, 1st woman grand slam (1953)
1934 Orlando Cepeda Giants player (NL MVP 1967)
1935 Ken Kesey author (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)
1938 Paul Benedict Silver City NM, actor (Harry-The Jefferson)
1939 David Souter Weir NH, Supreme Court Justice (1990- )
1941 William Grut Sweden, penthathlete (Olympic-gold-1948)
1942 Beverly Aadland Hollywood Cal, Errol Flynn’s last girlfriend
1942 Doris Brown US, 800m runner (Olympic-5th-1968)
1948 John Ritter Burbank Calif, actor (Jack-3’s Company, Hooperman)
1955 Rita Rudner comedienne (Funny People)
1958 Daniel Nunez Cuba, weightlifter (Olympic-gold-1980)
1959 Hank Ilesic Edmonton, CFL punter, place kicker (Edmonton, Toronto)
1960 Terry Nihen Concord Mass, playmate (December, 1983)
1962 Dustin Nguyen actor (Harry-21 Jump Street)
1968 Suzy Cote Santa Barbara Calif, actress (Samantha-Guiding Light)

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