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September 17

Who was born on September 17 is
prone for opposition and difficult
to satisfy.

September 17 Birthday Horoscope

Very fond of military, they most preferably carve their path in life with force, which they find successful due to their energy and executive abilities. Oppositional and unyielding – quite invasive in demeanor. Therefore, they often bring duality and misunderstanding to their environment or among their friends, causing commotion.

Withdrawn – sensitive and nervous – difficult to satisfy. They are quite odd, their true inner self is usually unknown to others… And yet, they are attractive to and surrounded by them. Calculated – they think of everything in advance and with care, only rarely acting on impulse.

They are deeply affected by physical and sensual beauty, for they are amorous and subtle. Sensitive to arts and spiritually inspired.

Their flaws include their willingness to control others, getting involved in their affairs and unjustified criticizing the shortcomings and mistakes of their environment. They feel great respect for wealthy, well-to-do people of high standing, often expressing false pride and unhealthy ambitions.

They worship money foseptember17r the sake of money – caring little for pleasure or comfort it can bring. These are all characteristic traits of the undeveloped type who complains about their limiting life conditions, does not want to fulfill their duties and blames everyone around them for their failures.

They would like to achieve practical success, but when they fail do to so, they become impatient, irritated and unsatisfied. The developed type, on the other hand, easily overcomes the struggles of life and achieves success. Quite aggressive, they will emerge victorious over their influential and numerous enemies. They might even gain fame, but their fighting nature can cost them happiness in life.



September 17th zodiac sign Virgo

September 17th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on September 17 your zodiac sign is Virgo

Birthday Personality – September 17

character for September 17thcharacter : quiet, generous, alert, biased, dour, embarrassed;
profession : doctor, clerk, farmer;
colors : orange, brown, pink;
stone : amethyst;
animal : Jaguar;
plant : Ficus tree;
lucky numbers : 12,17,36,44,47,53
power lucky number : 28

Holidays and observances – September 17th

  • Operation Market Garden is still remembered with parachuting and dedications on this day. (Netherlands)
  • Heroes’ Day (Angola)
  • Christian Feast Day: Albert Avogadro, Ariadne of Phrygia, Hildegard of Bingen, Lambert, Robert Bellarmine, Satyrus of Milan, Socrates and Stephen, September 17 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • PompĂŠia founding day (1928, State of SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil)
  • Constitution Day (observed on the previous Friday if it falls Saturday, the following Monday if on a Sunday), Citizenship Day, Von Steuben Day. (United States)

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