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October 26

Who was born on October 26 is
a serious and deep person who influences their environment.

October 26 Birthday Horoscope

They are fond of studying deep truths and can easily do without the company of others. They are not a pessimist or a misanthrope – but they perceive the matters of life from the right perspective – and each event and each person are judged by their true value. They are a person of an odd dual character. Periods of activity are entwined with periods of passivity in their life.

They keep someone as their friend for as long as they are needed. Who was born today can leave their mark on their environment, often on their society. They command respect. They usually live long and have a strong organism. In case of an ailment – the most likely parts of their body to suffer are their bladder, throat and mucous system.

october26In their youth, they go through periods of restlessness and numerous changer, but a change for the better might occur after they turn 30. Their material situation often improved due to marriage which is most likely successful. What threatens them? A loss of a loved one, often in their youth. Relations with their relatives are often unfavorable. What should they strive for?

They should always remember that a faithful friend is worth more than a hundred flatterers. By analyzing their inner life every day, they can more easily realize their weaknesses and subconscious tendencies.

October 26th zodiac sign Scorpio

October 26th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on October 26 your zodiac sign is Scorpio

Birthday Personality – October 26

character for October 26thcharacter : rational, sensitive, forbearing, spiteful, malicious, scrupulous;
profession : obstetrician, driver, engine driver;
colors : red, yellow, pink;
stone : morganite;
animal : Penguin;
plant : Lily;
lucky numbers : 14,28,31,35,41,50
power lucky number : 9

October 26

October 26

Holidays and observances – October 26th

  • Christian Feast Day: Alfred the Great, Cedd, Cuthbert of Canterbury, Demetrius of Thessaloniki, Fulk of Pavia (Roman Catholic Church), Quadragesimus, Witta of BĂźraburg, Philipp Nicolai, Johann Heermann and Paul Gerhardt (Lutheran Church)
  • National Day, celebrates the anniversary of the Declaration of Neutrality in 1955. (Austria)
  • The first day of Ludi Victoriae Sullanae, celebrated until November 1. (Roman Empire)
  • Armed Forces Day (Benin)
  • Angam Day (Nauru)

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