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October 26

October 26 – Famous Birthdays

Keith Urban (COUNTRY SINGER) 1967

Hillary Clinton (POLITICIAN) 1947

Tom Cavanagh (TV ACTOR) 1963

October 26 – Famous Birthdays

1466 Desiderius Erasmus Holland, scholar/author (In Praise of Folly)
1685 Domenico Scarlatti Naples Italy, composer/harpsichordist
1759 Georges Danton France, revolutionary leader
1791 Charles Sprague Boston, banker/poet (Curiosity)
1855 Charles Post who had a way with breakfast cereals
1861 Richard D Sears Boston, 1st to win US amateur national tennis match
1873 Thorvald Stauning Denmark, PM (1924-26, 1929-42)
1879 Leon Trotsky Russian revolutionary (pres of 1st Soviet)
1894 John S Knight WV, publisher (Knight-Rider)
19– James Pickens Jr actor (Another World)
1910 John Cardinal Krol former archbishop of Philadelphia
1911 Mahalia Jackson New Orleans, gospel singer (Whole World in his Hands)
1911 Sid Gillman NFL coach (LA, San Diego, Houston)
1914 Jackie Coogan LA Calif, actor (Uncle Fester-Addams Family)
1916 Fran‡ois Mitterand Jarnac France, President of France (1981-1995)
1917 Felix the Cat cartoon character
1919 Edward W Brooke 1st black senator in over 80 yrs (Sen-R-Mass)
1919 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Aryamehr Shah of Iran (1941-79)
1931 Hank Garrett Monticello NY, actor (Car 54 Where Are You)
1932 Chinadorai Deshmutu India, field hockey player (1952)
1933 Suzy Parker San Antonio Tx, model/actress (Chamber of Horrors)
1936 Bruce Belland Chicago, singer (Tim Conway Hour)
1939 John Arden England, novelist/playwright (Left Handed Liberty)
1940 Mario Orosco 1st victim of NYC’s Zodiac killer (survives)
1941 Harald Nielsen Denmark, soccer player (Olympic-silver-1960)
1942 Bob Hoskins Suffolk England, actor (Brazil, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
1945 Pat Conroy American writer (Great Santini, Prince of Tides)
1946 Pat Sajak Chicago, TV host (Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak Show)
1947 Jaclyn Smith Houston Tx, actress (Charlie’s Angel, Nightkill)
1947 Hilary Rodham Clinton First Lady (1993-)
1948 Marshall Colt New Orleans La, actor (Eric-Lottery)
1950 Chuck Foreman NFL running back (Minnesota Vikings)
1951 Bootsy Collins Cin, rocker (Parliaments-We Got the Funk)
1953 Julian Keith Strickland drummer/guitarist (B-52’s-Rock Lobster)
1954 Lauren Tewes Braddock PA, actress (Love Boat, Eyes of a Stranger)
1962 Cary Elwes actor (Glory, Princess Bride)
1963 Kerri Lynne Rosenberg Burlington Ia, Miss Iowa-America (1991-top 10)
1966 Olga Bicherova gymnastics (won title at 15yrs 33 days)

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