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May 9

Who was born on May 9 likes luxury and strives for wealth.

May 9 Birthday Horoscope

They are full of ideas, and their projects often become reality, for they are gifted at implementing them. They are quite nice of character – characterized by a certain inner peace which only grows stronger as they age. It is then that they become increasingly attached to comfort, pleasure and luxury, showing reluctance towards the new and extraordinary. They express oratorical abilities that they can excellently develop, as well as become the leader of a political party.

They are reserved and sure of their power. However, the undeveloped types often show an excessive satisfaction with themselves and unneeded conviction of their own greatness – at times completely unjustified.

That arrogance finds no base in anything – and it may9might make the environment hostile towards them. They like to take a while to think before they act – after which, however, they can work with perseverance and consequence.

They have great sympathy for the arts – especially of the applied sort or singing. They assiduously strive for wealth and are very satisfied when they eventually manage to attain material gain. In business, they always leave a safe way out for themselves. The flaws associated with this birthday include, most of all, an excessive irritability.

It does not take much to anger a person born on this day. When irritated – they become very reluctant to a compromise. They are not too pleasant as a life partner – for they oppose other for the tiniest of reasons and pay no heed to the feelings of others. What threatens them. That their effort in life will go unrewarded – either because of unneeded stubbornness or, the opposite, indecision.

May 9th zodiac sign Taurus

May 9th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on May 9 your zodiac sign is Taurus

Birthday Personality – May 9

character for May 9thcharacter : tough, robust, indulgent, complaisant, meticulous, haughty;
profession : singer, gynaecologist, driver;
colors : yellow, blue, black;
stone : malachite;
animal : Killer Whale;
plant : Crabapple tree;
lucky numbers : 5,8,17,40,54,59
power lucky number : 8

May 9

May 9

Holidays and observances – May 9th

  • Christian Feast Day: Beatus of Lungern, Beatus of Vendome, Christopher (Αγιος Χριστόφορος) (Eastern Orthodox Church), George Preca, Gerontius of Cervia, Gregory of Nazianzus, Doctor, Bishop of Constantinople, 39 CE (commemoration, Episcopal Church (USA)), Nicolaus, Zinzendorf (Lutheran), Pachomius, Tudy of Landevennec, May 9 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Europe Day, commemorating the Schuman Declaration. (European Union)
  • One of the three days of the Feast of the Lemures. (Roman Empire)
  • Independence Day, celebrating the declaration of independence of Romania from the Ottoman Empire in 1877. (Romania)
  • Victory Day observances, celebration of the Soviet Union victory over Nazi Germany (Soviet Union, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan): Victory and Peace Day, mark the capture of Shusha in the Karabakh War and the end of World War II. (Armenia)
  • Anniversary of Dianetics (Church of Scientology)
  • Liberation Day, commemorating the end of the German Occupation of the Channel Islands during World War II). (Guernsey, Liberation Day (Jersey)

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