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March 28

Who was born on March 28 cannot see the flaws of their friends despite their significant intuition.


March 28 Birthday Horoscope

Their sympathies are very lively and their nature friendly. It is difficult to hide anything from them. They will immediately discover anything that troubles their friends without having to say a word.

They can often even determine the cause of the concern and work on removing the unpleasant causes. In relation to their friends, they are completely blind to their flaws. In contacts with strangers, however, they are a very keen observer and immediately notices their shortcomings.

They are progressively disposed – they are quick to adopt new ideas and strive for progress and utilization of latest methods in every line of work, be it intellectual, artistic or purely practical.

In more developed individuals, the willingness to fight transforms into exceptionally inquisitive intellect – a dangerous fencer on the field of thoughts. Their industriousness, eagerness and expansion go in many diremarch28ctions in their life – but they always follow the lines of governing others, subjecting them to their will, standing at the front.

They find a possibility to face the adversity and conquer it most pleasing. They challenge the opposition – to prove their skills. Flaws. Uncontrollable, impulsive, restless, turbulent – often vengeful. They are quick to explode with anger and cause confusion around themselves.

They often stand up against commonly accepted beliefs and disturb their surroundings. They have a tendency to enter dangerous situations, recklessly putting themselves at risk, possibly becoming a victim of their own carelessness.

A man born on this day never runs from a fight, does not retreat and wishes to win at all costs. It is always a great disappointment to him when he has to give in to his enemy, A woman is quite similar to a man when it comes to her character: she sees only the good things in her friends or sympathies. But her sharp tongue effectively gets under the skin of those less sympathetic.

March 28th zodiac sign Aries

March 28th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on March 28 your zodiac sign is Aries

Birthday Personality – March 28

character for March 28thcharacter : generous, clever, tolerant, sulky, violent, irritable;
profession : anthropologist, agronomist, farmer;
colors : gold, blue, scarlet;
stone : agate;
animal : Tiger Shark;
plant : Basil;
lucky numbers : 2,5,18,37,39,40
power lucky number : 6

Holidays and observances – March 28th

  • Teachers’ Day (Czech Republic and Slovakia)
  • Christian Feast Day: Stephen Harding, Guntram, Priscus, Pope Sixtus III, March 28 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Serfs Emancipation Day (Tibet)
  • Commemoration of Sen no Rikyū (Schools of Japanese tea ceremony)

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