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June 5

June 5 – Famous Birthdays

Brian McKnight (R&B SINGER) 1969


Mark Wahlberg (MOVIE ACTOR) 1971


Kenny G (SAXOPHONIST) 1956


June 5 – Famous Birthdays

1718 Thomas Chippendale England, furniture maker (baptized)
1723 Adam Smith Kirkcaldy Scot, economist (Wealth of Nations) (baptized)
1819 John Couch Adams co-discover (Neptune)
1823 George Thorndike Angell Mass, lawyer (ASPCA)
1825 Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry Georgia, educator (Rep-Ala, 1857-61)
1878 Francisco (Pancho) Villa Mexico, revolutionary/guerrilla leader
1883 John Maynard Keynes Cambridge England, economist/math/journalist
1887 Ruth Benedict US, anthropologist (Patterns of Culture)
1895 William Boyd Ohio, cowboy (Hopalong Cassidy)
1898 Federico Garc¡a Lorca Spain, poet/dramatist (Blood Wedding)
19– Eric Stacy rocker (Faster Pussycat-Wake Me When It’s Over)
19– Howard Platt Chicago Ill, actor (Sanford & Son, Empire)
19– Mark Withers Nimmonsberg NY, actor (Peter-Kaz)
19– Nancy Stafford Fla, Miss Florida (1977)/actress (Joan-St Elsewhere)
19– Nicolette Goulet actress (Meredith Bauer-Guiding Light)
19– Paul Taylor rocker (Winger-17)
1900 Dennis Gabor inventor (holography (3D laser photography))
1905 Art Donovan NFL defensive tackle (Balt, NY Yanks, Dallas)
1905 John Abbott London, actor (Smogasboard)
1912 Josef Neckermann German FR, equestrian dressage (Olympic-gold-1968)
1914 Stan Jones Douglas Az, actor (Sheriff of Cochise)
1919 Akeo Watanabe Tokyo Japan, conductor (Nippon Phil Orch 1956-68)
1920 Marion Motley AAFC, NFL fullback (Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh)
1923 Daniel Pinkham Lynn Massachusetts, composer (Signs of Zodiac)
1925 Bill Hayes Harvey Ill, actor/singer (Your Show of Shows)
1925 Dorothy Claire LaPorte Ind, singer (Winchell & Mahoney)
1926 Bill Hayes Illinois, actor, (Your Show of Shows, Days of our Life)
1928 Robert Lansing SD Calif, actor (12 O’Clock High, Equalizer, Automan)
1928 Tony Richardson England, director (Delicate Balance, Hotel NH)
1931 Jacques Demy France, director (Lola, Magic Donkey)
1932 Christy Brown Dublin, novelist (My Left Foot, Down All the Days)
1934 Bill D Moyers Hugo Okla, news commentator (Bill Moyers’ Journal)
1934 F Curtis Michel LaCrosse Wisconsin, astronaut
1937 Waylon Jennings Littlefield Tx, country singer (Dukes of Hazzard)
1938 Marion Chapman smallest known premature baby to survive (280 g)
1939 Charles Joseph Clark (P-C) 16th Canadian PM (1979-80)
1939 Ken Follett spy author (Eye of the the Needle)
1939 Margaret Drabble author (The Needle’s Eye)
1941 Martha Argerich Buenos Aires Argentina, pianist (debut 1949)
1944 Tommie Smith US sprinter (Olympic-gold-1968); gave black power salute
1945 Don Reid Va, country singer (Statler Bros-Flowers on the Wall)
1945 John Carlos track star (Olympic bronze 1968); gave black power salute
1946 Stefania Sandrelli Viareggio Italy, actress (The Key)
1950 Adrian Cosma Romania, team handball (Olympic-silver-1976)
1956 Kenny G saxophonist (Duotones)
1959 Michael Winans gospel singer (The Winans)
1964 Mags rocker (Fuzzbox-Into Rescue)
1974 Chad Allen Lazzari Cerritos Cal, actor (David-Our House, My 2 Dads)
1974 Chassity Lazzari Cerritos Cal, actress

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