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June 27

June 27 – Famous Birthdays

Tobey Maguire (MOVIE ACTOR) 1975


Khloe Kardashian (REALITY STAR) 1984


Matthew Lewis (MOVIE ACTOR) 1989


June 27 – Famous Birthdays

1462 Louis XII (the Just) king of France (1498-1515)
1550 Charles IX king of France (1560-74)
1682 Charles XII king of Sweden (1697-1718)
1838 Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Bengali novelist (Anandamath)
1846 Charles Stewart Parnell Ireland, nationalist
1850 Ivan Vazov Bulgaria, poet/novelist/playwright (Under the Yoke)
1850 Lafcadio Hearn US, journalist/author (Chita)
1862 May Irwin US comedienne/singer (A Hot Time in the Old Town)
1869 Emma Goldman anarchist/publisher (Mother Earth)
1872 Paul Laurence Dunbar Dayton Oh, short story writer (Majors & Minors)
1880 Helen Keller blind-deaf author/lecturer had more sense than many
19– Robert Newman actor (Guiding Light)
1900 Otto E Passman (Rep-D-La, 1947-77)
1907 John McIntire Spokane Ws, actor (Naked City, Wagon Train, Virginian)
1907 Valerie Cossart London, actress (The Hartmans)
1912 Audrey Christie Chic Ill, actress (Dorothy-Fair Exchange)
1913 Willie Mosconi world champion pool player (1941-57)
1914 Giorgio Almirante Italy, fascist (member of parliament (1948-87))
1918 Adolph Kiefer US, 100m backstroke swimmer (Olympic-gold-1936)
1920 I.A.L. Diamond screenwriter (1960 Acad Award-The Apartment)
1922 George Walker Washington DC, composer (In Praise of Lillies)
1923 Paul F Conrad Cedar Rapids Iowa, cartoonist (Pulitzer 1964, 71, 84)
1927 Bob Keeshan aka Capt Kangaroo/Clarabelle (Good Morning Captain)
1927 Robert Casey Rochester NY, actor (Henry-Aldrich Family Show)
1930 H Ross Periot Texas billionaire (tries to take over corps)
1930 Tamio Kono US, weightlifter (Olympic-gold-1952)
1933 Gary Crosby son of Bing, actor (Which Way to the Front)
1934 Anna Moffo Wayne Penn, soprano (or 1932)
1937 Joseph P Allen IV Crawfordsville Ind, PhD/astronaut (STS-5, STS 51A)
1938 Bruce E Babbitt (Gov-D-AL)
1942 Bruce Johnston rocker (Beachboys-In My Room)
1944 Patrick Sercu Belgium, 1K time trial (Olympic-gold-1964)
1945 Norma Kamali NYC, dress designer (Costumes for the Wiz)
1950 Benjamin Peterson US, heavyweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1972)
1950 Julia Duffy Minneapolis Mn, actress (Stephanie-Newhart, Baby Talk)
1951 Sidney M Gutierrez Albuquerque NM, Major USAF/astronaut (STS 40)
1951 Ulf Andersson Sweden, International Chess Grandmaster (1972)
1955 Isabelle Adjani Paris, actress (Story of Adele H, Driver, Ishtar)
197- Robby Rosa singer (Menudo)/actor (Salsa) 

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