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June 18

June 18 – Famous Birthdays

Willa Holland (TV ACTRESS) 1991


Paul McCartney (ROCK SINGER) 1942


Isabella Rossellini (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1952


June 18 – Famous Birthdays

1681 Feofan Prokopovich theologian, archbishop of Novgorod, westernizer
1799 William Lassell discoverer (satellites of Uranus & Neptune)
1812 Ivan Goncharov Russia, novelist/travel writer (Oblomov)
1857 Henry Clay Folger Jr US, businessman/Shakespeare fan
1877 James Montgomery Flagg illustrator “I want you” recruiting poster
1886 George Mallory England, mountain climber (“because it is there”)
1896 Blanche Sweet Chicago, actress (Home Sweet Home, Avenging Conscience)
1896 Philip Barry US, dramatist (Philadelphia Story)
19– Brian Benben Winchester Va, actress (Gangster Chronicles)
19– Constance McCashin Chic Ill, actress (Laura-Knots Landing)
19– Hugo Napier actor (As the World Turns)
19– Miriam Flynn Cleve Ohio, actress (Tim Conway Show, Maggie)
19– Oz Fox rock guitarist (Stryper-Against the Law)
19– Robin Christopher (All My Children)
19– Susan Styles Ventura Calif, actress (Cutter to Houston)
19– Tom Reilly Fort Riley Ks, actor (CHiPs)
1901 Jeanette MacDonald actress/singer (When I’m Calling You)
1901 Jimmy Dale Bronx NYC, orch leader (Sonny & Cher)
1904 Keye Luke Canton China, actor (Across the Pacific, Yangtse Incident)
1904 Manuel Rosenthal Paris France, composer (Bootleggers)
1906 Kay Kyser Rocky Mount NC, orch leader (Kay Kyser’s Kollege)
1907 Benny Payne Phila, pianist (Billy Daniels Show)
1907 Froelich Rainey Wisc, quiz moderator (What in the World)
1908 Bud Collyer NYC, TV emcee (Beat the Clock, To Tell the Truth)
1910 Avon Long Balt Md, actor (Roots: Next Generation)
1910 Dick Foran Flemington NJ, actor (OK Crackerby)
1910 E.G. Marshall actor (Defenders, Nixon, Absolute Power)
1910 Ray McKinley Ft Worth Tx, orch leader (Glenn Miller Time)
1912 Henry Brandon Berlin Germany, actor (Drums of Fu Manchu)
1913 Sammy Cahn lyricist (3 Coins in a Fountain)
1913 Sylvia Porter financial writer (Sylvia Porter’s Money Book)
1917 Richard Boone LA Calif, actor (Paladin-Have Gun Will Travel)
1918 Bob Carroll singer/actor (Stage Two Revue, The Stranger)
1919 Mel Brandt Bkln NY, actor (Faraway Hill)
1922 Donald L Keene NYC, Japanese translator/critic
1925 Robert Arthur Aberdeen Wash, actor (12 O’Clock High, Just For You)
1926 Tom Wicker columnist (NY Times)
1929 Eva Bartok Budapest Hungary, actress (Assassin, Crimson Pirate)
1933 Jean Wicki Switzerland, 4-man bobsled (Olympic-gold-1972)
1937 Gail Godwin US, author (Perfectionists, Odd Woman)
1937 John D (Jay) Rockefeller IV (Sen-III)
1937 Vitali M Zholobov cosmonaut (Soyuz 21)
1939 Lou Brock one-time baseball stolen base leader (St Louis Cards)
1942 Paul McCartney rocker, Beatles, writes silly love songs
1942 Rogert Ebert Urbana Ill, film critic (Siskel & Ebert at the Movies)
1947 Linda Thorson Toronto, actress (Tara-Avengers, Julia-1 Life to Live)
1952 Carol Kane Cleveland Ohio, actress (Dog Day Afternoon, Simka-Taxi)
1952 Isabella Rossellini actress (Blue Velvet, Tough Guys Don’t Dance)
1957 Andrea Evans actress (Young & Restless, Tina-One Life to Live)
1958 Daniels Koran saxophonist (Atlantic Star-Touch a 4 Leaf Clover)
1961 Alison Moyet rocker (Yaz, Alf)
1962 Janice Merrill track star (US record long distance holder 1979)
1963 Bruce Smith NFL defensive end (Buffalo Bills)
1971 Nathan Morris [Alex Vanderpool], Phila Pa, rapper (Boyz II Men)
1974 Bumper Robinson actor (Webster, Night Court)

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