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June 18

Who was born on June 18 tries to
be liked be everyone and dazzle them
with their wisdom.

June 18 Birthday Horoscope

They diligently gather their life experiences, gladly sharing the results of their observation and conclusions with others. They can very cleverly express their thoughts and form them prettily.

They care for their reputation very much, striving for recognition of their environment, to be on good terms with everyone.

They gladly speak out on many topics and debate various issues, and their lively intelligence find its outlet then.

They can skillfully present their own views, having engulfed them in the most positive light prior to that – still, they would like to learn the opinions of their surroundings before. They do not like the company of undeveloped individuals, those of little education or words.


They get mixed with them only in special cases, probably only to dazzle them with their wisdom. They gladly tell jokes and laugh at others, their humorous potential is quite significant.

Their character is often wavering and changing. However, for all their variability, they are always fond of freedom. For they always wish to act on their own and by their own judgment, but they often lack the required experience and knowledge.

Their flaws include excessive instability, and when they are inadequately developed, they express too much verbosity. One find it hard to find any substance or sense in the words of such a loud-mouth.

The morally unaware type can even become devious, changing their views as they fit their material needs. The illnesses they are in danger of include pulmonary ailments, nervous conditions and blood diseases. They make their way skillfully in all life situations, prepared for anything that can be thrown at them. They are prepared to defend their interests at any time.


June 18th zodiac sign Gemini

June 18th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on June 18 your zodiac sign is Gemini

Birthday Personality – June 18

character for June 18thcharacter : sensitive, delicate, loyal, imprudent, sly, embarrassed;
profession : doctor, gravedigger, composer;
colors : white, yellow, blue;
stone : red emerald;
animal : Sloth;
plant : Verbena;
lucky numbers : 7,29,40,46,52,57
power lucky number : 32

June 18

June 18

Holidays and observances – June 18th

  • Waterloo Day (United Kingdom)
  • Evacuation Day (Egypt)
  • Christian Feast Day: Gregory Barbarigo, Elizabeth of SchĂśnau, Leontius, Hypatius and Theodulus, Bernard Mizeki(Church of England, Episcopal Church), June 18 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Foundation Day (Benguet)
  • Autistic Pride Day (International)
  • National Day (Seychelles)

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