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July 17


July 17 – Famous Birthdays

David Hasselhoff (TV ACTOR) 1952

Angela Merkel (WORLD LEADER) 1954

Donald Sutherland (MOVIE ACTOR) 1935

July 17 – Famous Birthdays

1487 Esma’il I shah who converted Iran from Sunni to Shi’ah
1674 Isaac Watts England, writer/preacher/hymnist (Horae Lyrican)
1744 Elbridge Gerry (DR) 5th VP (Mass-Gov), invented gerrymandering
1763 John Jacob Astor Germany, richest man in US, banker/fur trader
1859 Luis Mu¤oz Rivera Puerto Rico, journalist (founded Federalist Party)
1875 Sir Donald Francis Tovey Eton England, musicologist
1876 Rosa Jackson Lumpkin Georgia, lived to be 115 (died in 1991)
1888 Shmuel Agnon Israel, novelist (Day Before Yesterday-Nobel 1966)
1889 Erle Stanley Gardner author (created Perry Mason)
1898 Berenice Abbott Springfield Oh, photographer (World of Atget)
19– Alexandra Wilson actress (Josie Watts-Another World)
19– Rob Steele rocker (Law & Order-Whiskey Song)
19– Thomas Carter Naples Italy, actor (Szysznyk, White Shadow)
19– Tonya Lee Williams actress (Dr Olivia Barber-Young & Restless)
1900 James Cagney actor, A yankee doodle dandy, hold that grapefruit
1902 Christina Stead Australia, novelist (Man Who Loved Children)
1905 William Gargan Bkln NY, actor (Dynamite, Ellery Queen)
1909 Hardy Amies London England, royal dressmaker (Queen Elizabeth II)
1912 Art Linkletter Saskatchwan Canada, TV host (People are Funny)
1912 Pal Kov cs Hungary, sabres (Olympic-gold-1952)
1914 Lucille Benson Scottsboro Ala, actress (Lilly-Bosom Buddies)
1915 Dorothy Poynton-Hill US, platform diver (Olympic-gold-1932)
1916 Eleanor Steber Wheeling WV, soprano (Metropolitan Opera-1940)
1917 Lou Bourdeau baseball player/manager (1948 AP Athlete of Year)
1917 Phyllis Diller Lima Ohio, comedienne (Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number)
1920 Bill Monroe New Orleans La, newscaster (NBC-TV, Congressional Report)
1920 Rudolf Karpati Hungary, sabres (Olympic-gold-1956, 60)
1921 George Barnes Chicago Hgts, guitarist (Skip Farrell Show)
1934 Donald Sutherland Canada, actor (M*A*S*H, Body Snatchers)
1934 Pat McCormick comedian (Don Rickles Show, New Bill Cosby Show)
1935 Diahann Carroll Bronx, actress (Julia, Claudine, Dominique-Dynasty)
1935 P.D.Q. Bach [Peter Schickele], Iowa, composer (5th of Beethoven)
1939 Spencer Davis Wales, vocalist (Gimme Some Lovin)
1940 Phyllis Davis Port Arthur Tx, actress (Love American Style, Vega$)
1941 Daryle Lamonica Oakland Raider QB (AFL leading passer 1967)
1942 Connie Hawkins Harlem Globetrotter/NBA (Phoenix Suns, ABA MVP 1968)
1948 Brian Glascock drummer (Motels-Only the Lonely)
1948 Cathy Ferguson 100m backstroke swimmer (Olympic-gold-1964)
1949 Terry “Geezer” Butler bassist (Black Sabbath)
1951 Lucie Arnaz LA Calif, actress (Kim-Here’s Lucy, Jazz Singer)
1952 David Hasselhoff Balt Md, (Revenge of the Cheerleaders, Night Rider)
1952 Phoebe Snow singer (Theme from “It’s a Different World”)
1956 Bryan Trottier Val Marie Sask, NHL Center (NY Islanders)
1960 Karen Price Pasadena Calif, playmate (January, 1981)
1960 Scott Norwood NFL kicker (Buffalo Bills-Superbowl XXV goat)
1963 Denise Miller Bkln NY, actress (Billie-Archie Bunker’s Place)
1964 Heather Langenkamp actress (Marie-Just the 10 of Us)
1970 Mandy Smith England, rocker (I Just Can’t Wait) wife of Bill Wyman

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