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July 17

Who was born on July 17 has pedagogic
abilities, yet is mistrustful and difficult to

July 17 Birthday Horoscope

When they come across a different opinion and fail to convince their opponent – they agree with them, but only superficially, hiding the dissatisfaction and often offence. It is why they tend to be mistrustful to others, having certain reserve towards strangers.

It is difficult to commune with someone that sensitive, and anyone able to understand a person born on this day, worthy of their trust, hardly ever come along.

They show great pedagogic abilities, related to education of younger or less gifted individuals. Their nurturing and family instincts are strongly developed. But when they do not show their gratitude or do not react to their sympathy and kindness – they find it worrying.

They are religious, mindful of fasts and holidays – but they sometimes become too pious and can fall to bigotry.

july17Ambitious, full of career longings, hard-working – they enjoy studies, are perceptive, have extraordinary analytical abilities and can become an author of excellent critical works. At the same time, they are strong of character, imperious, constant, brave.

They long for honors and can skillfully stand their ground against their enemies, and their effort and work might even earn them fame. Flaws. As mentioned – they are mistrustful, and their moods change rather quickly. They think about themselves too much and needlessly torment themselves with self-analysis. Most of the time, they will eventually overcome adversities in life and acquire a good position where they can enjoy power and authority.

July 17th zodiac sign Cancer

July 17th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on July 17 your zodiac sign is Cancer

Birthday Personality – July 17

character for July 17thcharacter : tolerant, dedicated, polite, haughty, garrulous, worried;
profession : dentist, prosecutor, tailor;
colors : red, gold, yellowish;
stone : diopside;
animal : Arctic Fox;
plant : Sweet pea flower;
lucky numbers : 10,13,19,21,29,58
power lucky number : 7

July 17

July 17

Holidays and observances – July 17th

  • Independence Day (Slovakia)
  • World Day for International Justice (International)
  • Constitution Day (South Korea)
  • Christian Feast Day: Alexius of Rome (Western Church), Cynehelm, Cynllo, Jadwiga of Poland, Martyrs of Compiègne, Magnus Felix Ennodius, Marcellina, Piatus of Tournai, Romanov sainthood (Russian Orthodox Church), Speratus and companions, July 17 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • King\’s Birthday (Lesotho)

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