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January 6

Who was born on January 6 is serious,
understanding – they can adapt to their

January 6 Birthday Horoscope

A polite, flexible, sympathetic person – with trust for people. Fate will smile on them on many occasions throughout their life and they will often befriend prominent individuals.

Their friends will be glad along with them, and their enemies will be incapacitated by their kindness and understanding. Such assaults will prove ineffective.

They have a very serious outlook on life, usually a proponent of tradition and authority. They often show a subtle sense of history, with deep understanding of contemporary problems, They find great interest in social legislation, and the well-being and happiness of the entire society concerns them significantly. They are especially predisposed to implement large-scale plans and projects.

january6They also show astounding consistency of efforts aiming towards a certain goal that holds a promise of pleasure and quick material gain. However, when the material results are not good as they would like, they immediately lose commitment to their work. What should they care for. Not to succumb to their delusions and see things for what they are. How to raise a child born on this day.

You should educate them in trade, to help them accumulate practical life experience. Women born on this day are sensitive and sensual – they demonstrate talent for business and are good housewives, careful and frugal. They show great taste in decorating the apartment, and experience in managing the household.

They like beautiful decoration and take special interest in precious stones and jewelry. The life of a person born on this day is usually successful and peaceful. They can be met with distress caused by their relatives.

January 6th zodiac sign Capricorn

January 6th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on January 6 your zodiac sign is Capricorn

Birthday Personality – January 6

character for January 6thcharacter : perceptive, empathic, cunning, narrow-minded, shy, cheerless;
profession : judge, policeman, computer scientist;
colors : black, pink, purple;
stone : emerald;
animal : Hippopotamus;
plant : Marigold;
lucky numbers : 3,9,11,21,22,28
power lucky number : 35

Holidays and observances – January 6th

  • Epiphany (Western Christianity) or Theophany (Eastern Christianity), and its related observances: Befana Day (Italy), Christmas (Armenian Apostolic Church), Little Christmas (Ireland)
  • Armed Forces Day (Iraq)
  • The beginning of the Carnival period, from Epiphany until Shrove Tuesday. (Roman Catholicism)
  • Pathet Lao Day (Laos)
  • Christian Feast Day: AndrĂŠ Bessette (Roman Catholic Church), January 6 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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