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August 24

August 24 – Famous Birthdays

Rupert Grint (MOVIE ACTOR) 1988

Paulo Coelho (WRITER) 1947 


Jean-Michel Jarre (COMPOSER) 1948


August 24 – Famous Birthdays

1113 Geoffrey Plantagenet France, conquered Normandy
1591 Robert Herrick England, poet (Gather ye rosebuds) (baptized)
1759 Wilbur Wilberforce England, crusaded against slavery
1787 James Weddell Ostend England, Antarctic explorer (Weddell Sea)
1816 Sir Daniel Gooch laid 1st successful transatlantic cables
1872 Sir Max Beerbohm England, caricaturist/writer/wit (Saturday Review)
1886 William Francis Gibbs naval architect, designed Liberty ships
1890 Duke Kahanamoku Hawaii, 100m swimmer (Olympic-gold-1912, 20)
1894 Jean Rhys West Indies, writer (Voyage in the Dark)
1896 Phil Baker Phila, comedian (Who’s Whose)
1898 Albert Claude Belgium, physician (Nobel 1974)
1898 Malcolm Cowley Belsano Penn, author (Flowering of New England)
1899 Jorge Luis Borges Argentina, writer of fiction, essays (Labyrinths)
19– Carole Ita White NYC, actress (Rosie-Laverne & Shirley)
19– Frank Runyeon actor (As the World Turns)
19– Stephen Keep Camden SC, actor (Les Kincaid-Flo)
19– Steve Hanks Wadsworth Ohio, actor (B.A.D. Cats)
1900 Preston Foster Ocean City NJ, actor (Waterfront, Gunslinger)
1902 Fernand Braudel French historian (Civililization & Capitalism)
1912 Durward Kirby Indianapolis Ind, TV announcer (Garry Moore Show)
1917 Dennis James Jersey City NJ, wrestling announcer/TV host (PDQ)
1922 R‚ne L‚vesque Quebec premier (1976-85)
1924 Louis Teicher pianist (Ferrante & Teicher-Exodus)
1927 William V Shannon journalist/ambassador to Ireland (1977-81)
1938 Mason Williams Abilene Tx, writer (Smother Brothers Hour)
1944 Gregory B Jarvis Detroit Mich, astronaut (STS 25)
1946 Richard “Dick” N Richards Key West Fl, USN/astr (STS-28, 41, sk:50)
1949 Anna L Fisher St Albans NY, MD/astronaut (STS 51-A)
1949 Joe Regalbuto Bkln NY, actor (Knots Landing, Frank-Murphy Brown)
1956 Gerry Cooney heavyweight boxer (Olympics-1980)
1958 Steve Guttenberg Bkln NY, actor (Police Academy, Short Circuit)
1961 Cal Ripken Jr all-star shortstop (Balt Orioles)
1963 John Bush heavy metal rocker (Armoured Saint-Can U Deliver)
1964 Pebbles rocker (Girlfriend)
1965 Marlee Matlin Ill, deaf actress (Children of Lesser God-Acad Award)
1962 Mary E Weber Cleveland Ohio, PhD/astronaut


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