Daily horoscope

August 24

Who was born on August 24 will keep
their strength for a long time and can
live to become very old.

August 24 Birthday Horoscope

They are a scrupulous person, passionate about order and regularity. With age, they become more and more critical, expressing significant analytical abilities, as well as practical ones. They can approach the tiniest details with methodology and skill. Withdraw, somewhat fearful, hard-working; they love conducting studies and reading various books.

They constantly gather information. Their nature is flexible, able to adapt them to others. Sociable, friendly, they like all kinds of pleasures, parties, luxurious appearances, games and luxury.

They do not only like intellectual pursuits, but sports as well. They formulate their various projects and plans thoroughly, systematically to precisely bring them to life. Their flaws: stinginess, insidiousness, not devoid of parsimony.

Their nature often shows worse tendencies – so they should august24attempt to take control of them. The health of a person born on this day is rather good and their organism usually does not need much, as it is balanced.

Still, they like to indulge with experiments with drugs and doctors, even though it is completely unnecessary most of the time. When they grow tired or think they are sick, they can get back to health more promptly is they are put amongst nature, trees and beautiful landscape.

It is the best medicine for them. Because of their bowels’ sensitivity, they should avoid strong chemical medicine. Marriage will help them achieve wealth. They are a passionate lover. This birthday can gift one with faithful friends and bring success.

Such a person often enjoys widespread recognition for their sympathetic and sociable nature. Both men and women born on this day change little as they age and keep their youth fr a long time.

August 24th zodiac sign Virgo

August 24th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on August 24 your zodiac sign is Virgo

Birthday Personality – August 24

character for August 24thcharacter : frank, impeccable, disinterested, talkative, casual, vile;
profession : model, inventor, scientist;
colors : green, blue, grey;
stone : haematite;
animal : River Dolphin;
plant : Jacaranda tree;
lucky numbers : 3,43,44,49,53,57
power lucky number : 7

August 24

August 24

Holidays and observances – August 24th

  • Flag Day (Liberia)
  • Independence Day or Den’ Nezalezhnosti, celebrates the independence of Ukraine from the Soviet Union in 1991.
  • Nostalgia Night (Uruguay)
  • Earliest date on which Notting Hill Carnival can fall, while August 31 is the latest; celebrated on the last Monday in August and the day before. (Notting Hill)
  • Christian Feast Day: Abban of Ireland, Aurea of Ostia, Bartholomew (Roman Catholic, Anglican), Ouen, August 24 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • One of the three Mundus patet, a harvest feast involving the dead. (Roman Empire)

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