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April 22

Who was born on April 22 is
strong-willed, withdrawn
and fit for responsible

April 22 Birthday Horoscope

They are stable and opinioned – they can be counted on. They are careful, both in their word and deed – which makes them fir for responsible positions requiring considerable confidence and a sense of dignity, both of which are very strong in them. So such people often take prominent state positions bound to traditional solemnity and authority. Whoever was born today is interested in knowledge and has a tendency for serious studies.

Their thoughts gradually become ever more serious and deep, eventually leading them to a great inner power. However, they also become increasingly stubborn and unrelenting with age. They enjoy musings in solitude, and feel little sympathy for the current state of affairs in the world.

They are also characterized by their unusual energy that usually cannot be seen outside and is somewhat hidden. It is only revealed in case of agitation – at which point the said person becomes an exceptionally violent and dangerous enemy.


So one should be extra careful when dealing with a person born on this day, for they become really dangerous when provoked. Once angered – they take a long time to calm down, expressing unusual violence and fury, which is odd to the people who initiated that outburst. They also express a lof of vanity. They feel attached to family life and are often a good husband and father.

What threatens them. That their hopes will not come true, and their efforts in life will meet opposition so strong they will not be able to overcome it. That is because their ambition is far greater than their ability to realize it. They strive for great things – not always able to achieve them.

The professions that might turn out best for them include thos related to earth, its products, agriculture, real estate, mines or art.

April 22th zodiac sign Taurus

April 22th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on April 22 your zodiac sign is Taurus

Birthday Personality – April 22

character for April 22thcharacter : moral, quiet, empathic, scrupulous, worried, brusque;
profession : structural engineer, flight attendant, ;
colors : cream, gray, grey;
stone : onyx;
animal : Bearded Collie;
plant : Lily of the valley;
lucky numbers : 1,13,29,32,41,56
power lucky number : 15

April 22

April 22

Holidays and observances – April 22th

  • Discovery Day (Brazil)
  • Christian Feast Day: Acepsimas of Hnaita and companions (Catholic Church), Epipodius and Alexander, John Muir (Episcopal Church), Hudson Stuck (Episcopal Church), April 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Earth Day and its related observances: International Mother Earth Day (International)

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