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April 22


April 22 – Famous Birthdays

Jack Nicholson (MOVIE ACTOR) 1937

Amber Heard (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1986

Glen Campbell (COUNTRY SINGER) 1936

April 22 – Famous Birthdays

1357 Johan I King of Portugal (1383-1433)
1451 Isabella I of Castile, Queen of Spain (1479-1504), patron of Columbus
1515 Antoine of Bourbon duke of Vendôme/king of Navarra
1610 Alexander VIII [Pietro Ottoboni] Italy, lawyer/Pope (1689-91)
1640 Mariana Alcoforado Portugal, nun
1658 Giuseppe Torelli Italy, composer (Concerti Grossi op 8)
1682 Willem I Kerricx the Young Flemish architect/sculptor/painter
1690 John Carteret Earl Granville (C), English chief minister (1722-42)
1707 Henry Fielding England, novelist (Joseph Andrews, Tom Jones)
1724 Immanuel Kant Konigsberg Germany, philosopher (Critique of Pure Reason)
1766 Madame de Stael Swiss-French belle-lettrist (An Extraordinary Woman)
1773 Jean V baron de Rebecque Swiss/Dutch army leader
1775 Georg Hermes German philosopher/theologist (Hermenianen)
1777 Henry Clay the great compromiser
1781 Christian Friedrich Hermann Uber composer
1799 Jean Poiseuille physician/physiologist (blood pressure)
1816 Philip James Bailey English poet (Festus)
1818 Cadwallader Colden Washburn Major General (Union volunteers)
1823 Alfred Gibbs Major General (Union Army), died in 1868
1827 William Hopkins Morris Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1900
1828 Guilherme Antonio Cossoul composer
1831 Alexander McDowell McCook Major General (Union volunteers)
1832 Julius Sterling Morton Adams NY, (Governor-NE), started Arbor Day
1839 August W Eichler German botanist
1853 Alphonse Bertillon France, anthropologist, devised crime ID system
1854 Henri-Marie Lafontaine Belgium, international lawyer (Nobel 1913)
1856 [Marie] Louise Hens Flemish actress (Two Orphans)
1858 Ethel Mary Smyth composer
1863 Cornelis A J van Dishoeck Dutch publisher
1864 Phil May Wortley Yorkshire, cartoonist
1866 Hans von Seeckt German General (Future of the Reich)
1868 Jose Vianna da Motta composer
1870 Nikolai Lenin [Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov] Bolshevik/USSR revolutionist
1873 Ellen Anderson Glasgow US, novelist (Ancient Law, Pulitzer-1942)
1876 O E Rölvaag Norwegian-American novelist (Giants in the Earth)
1876 Robert Bárány Sweden, otologist, vestibular expert (Nobel 1914)
1878 Kitty Gordon Folkestone England, entertainer
1881 Alexander Kerensky Simbirsk, Russian PM (1917)
1884 Armas Emmanuel Launis composer
1884 John van Capel oldest man in Netherlands (Died Sept 3, 1992)
1884 Otto Rank [Rosenfeld] Austria, psychoanalysist (Künstler)
1889 Ludwig Renn writer
1891 Belle Bennett Milcoon Rapids IA, actress (Stella Dallas, Iron Mask)
1891 Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev Sontsovka Ukraine, composer
1892 Nikolai Obouhov composer
1899 Martyn Green London, actor (Gilbert & Sullivan, Iceman Cometh)
1899 Vladimir Nabokov St Petersburg, novelist
19– Mark Davis rocker (Ugly Kid Joe-Mad Man, Too Bad)
1902 Megan Lloyd George English politician
1904 J[ulius] Robert Oppenheimer New York NY, head of Manhattan (A-bomb) Project
1906 Eric William Fenby composer/president (Delius Society)
1908 Eddie Albert [Heimberger] Rock Island IL, actor (Oliver-Green Acres)
1909 Ralph Byrd Dayton OH, actor (Dick Tracy TV Show)
1910 Eric Scowen physician
1910 R J Ritchie tennis player
1912 Gavalda Miguel Querol composer
1912 Kathleen Mary Ferrier England, contralto (Orfeo Ed Evridice)
1914 Charles Hubert Sisson author/poet (Christopher Homm)
1914 Hans Baumann writer
1914 Jan de Hartog Dutch/English writer (Holland’s Glory)
1915 Dick Dudley Tennessee, TV host (Village Barn)
1915 Lord Airedale British Lord (Socialist Democrat)
1916 Yehudi Menuhin New York NY, violinist/conductor (Bartok’s Sonata)
1916 Earl of Oxford & Asquith Governor (Seychelles)
1917 Leo Abse biographer/MP
1917 Mile Yvette Chauviré France, ballerina assoluta (Sleeping Beauty)
1917 Sidney Nolan Australia, painter/illustrator (Ned Kelly)
1918 Robert Wadlow Alton IL, world’s tallest man (8’11.1″)
1919 Donald Cram US, biochemist (Nobel 1987)
1920 Hal March San Francisco CA, actor/TV host ($64,000 Question, Outrage)
1920 Jos de Haes Flemish philological/poet (Misery of the Word)
1922 Charles Mingus Arizona, jazz musician (Pithecanthropus Erectus)
1922 Lou Stein Philadelphia PA, pianist (Tonight! America After Dark)
1922 Richard C Diebenkorn Jr US, painter (Ocean Park Paintings)
1923 Aaron Spelling Dallas TX, TV executive producer (Charlie’s Angels, Melrose Place, Dynasty, Love Boat, Starsky and Hutch, Mod Squad)
1923 Betty Page Kingsport TN, playmate (January 1955)/model (Dark Angel)
1923 Hugh Lloyd actor (Punch & Judy Man, Dunroamin’ Rising)
1923 Paula Fox US children’s books author (Poor George)
1923 Peter Bowring CEO (C T Bowring)
1925 Christopher Ball Oxford, warden (Keble College)
1925 George Cole London England, actor (Minder, Vampire Lovers)
1926 Bob Flannigan Greencastle IN, singer (4 Freshmen)
1926 Charlotte Rae Milwaukee WI, actress (Edna-Facts of Life)
1926 James Stirling Scottish D-day-parachutist/architect/knight
1927 Pascal Bentoiu composer
1928 Margaret Pereira forensic scientist
1929 Geoffrey Marshall Provost (Queen’s College, Oxford)
1929 Margaret Pereira forensic scientist
1929 Michael Atiyah educator (Trinity College – Cambridge England)
1929 Robert Wade-Gery diplomat/exec director (Barclays de Zoete Wedd)
1929 Victoria Opoku-Ware Ghanaian queen
1931 Robert Dickson Canada, ice hockey player (1948)
1931 Henk Gortzak Dutch MP (CPN/PSP)
1931 Ronald Hynd British choreographer (English National Ballet)
1931 Siem Vroom Dutch actor (The Lift, Bridge Too Far, Mysteries)
1932 Michael Colgrass Chicago IL, composer (Best Wishes)
1933 John A Llewellyn Cardiff Wales, astronaut
1933 Robin Hutton merchant banker
1934 David Ratford diplomat
1934 John K Barlow English rubberplanter/financier/multi-millionaire
1934 Nico Ladenis British restauranteur (Nico at 90)/=
1934 Viscount Portman British landowner/multi-millionaire
1935 Christopher Ball linguist/warden (Keble College-Oxford)
1936 Glen Campbell Delight AR, actor/singer (Rhinestone Cowboy, By the Time I get to Phoenix, Galveston, Wichita Lineman)
1937 Jack Nicholson Neptune NJ, actor (As Good As It Gets, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Shining)
1937 Bobbi Fiedler (Representative-Republican-CA, 1981- )
1937 David Summerscale head master (Westminster School England)
1937 Jack Nitzsche composer/songwriter (An Officer & a Gentleman)
1937 Ken[neth] Palmer cricketer (1-190 in only Test for England, now Test umpire)
1938 Alan Bond tycoon/yachtsman
1939 Jason Miller Scranton PA, actor/writer (Exorcist, Light of Day)
1939 John Chilcot civil servant
1939 John Foley Major-General
1940 Peter Goldstein joint founder (Superdrug)
1943 Mel Carter singer (Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me)
1943 Steve Dunne cricketer (New Zealand Test umpire on international panel)
1944 Joshua Rifkin composer
1945 Alan Dukes Irish President (Fine Gael
1945 Donald Graham US businessman(?)
1945 Gielijn Escher Dutch postage stamp artist
1945 Robert Key MP/British undersecretary for National Heritage
1946 Dectuplets Bacacay Brazil, 8 males & 2 females
1946 Archy Kirkwood MP (L-D)
1947 Barry Guy composer
1948 Carole Drinkwater actress (Father, All Creatures Great & Small)
1949 Spencer Haywood Silver City MS, NBA star (Seattle Supersonics, New York Knicks, Olympics-gold-1968)
1950 Jancis Robinson wine writer/broadcaster
1950 Lewis Biggs curator (Tate Gallery-North Liverpool)
1950 Peter Frampton Kent England, guitarist/vocalist (Frampton Comes Alive)
1952 Steve Bond Haifa Israel, actor (Jimmy Lee Holt-General Hospital, To Die For)
1954 Joseph Bottoms Santa Barbara CA, actor (Surfacing, Blind Date)
1955 Arthur Baker rock producer (Afrika Banbaataa-Planet Rock)
1957 Alan Campbell Homestead FL, actor (EZ-3’s a Crowd)
1957 Ethel White WBL guard (New York Stars)
1958 Ashraf Ali cricket wicket-keeper (Pakistani mid-80s)
1958 Ken Olandt actor (April Fool’s Day, Imposter, Leprechaun)
1959 Catherine Mary Stewart Edmonton Alberta Canada, actress (Passion & Paradise, Riding the Edge)
1959 Nicky Le Roux South Africa, LPGA golfer (1994 Atlanta champion-15th)
1959 Ranjan Madugalle cricketer (pioneer of Sri Lanka’s Test teams)
1959 Ryan Stiles Seattle WA, actor (Lewis-Drew Carey Show)
196- Brooke McCarter Philadelphia PA, actor (Paul-The Lost Boys)
1960 Lloyd Honeyghan English welterweight boxing champion (1986)
1961 Byron Allen Los Angeles CA, comedian (Real People, Byron Allen Show)
1961 Jeff Hostetler NFL quarterback (New York Giants, Raiders, Redskins/1990 Superbowl)
1961 Jimmy Key Huntsville AL, pitcher (Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Orioles)
1962 David Wettlaufer Kitchener Ontario Canada, golfer (Ontario Beefeater-1986, 87)
1962 Denise Baldwin Atlanta GA, LPGA golfer (1991 Futures Salisbury)
1964 Bob McCann NBA forward (Washington Bullets)
1964 Chris Makepeace Toronto Ontario Canada, actor (Vamp, My Bodyguard, Meatballs, Oasis)
1966 Glenn Parker NFL offensive tackle (Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs)
1966 Serge Poudrier hockey defenseman (Team France 1998)
1967 Bart Bowen Albuquerque NM, cyclist (Olympics-96)
1967 Harvey Williams NFL running back (Oakland Raiders)
1967 Mike Buck NFL quarterback (Arizona Cardinals)
1967 Sheryl Lee Boulder CO, actress (Twin Peaks, Love Lies & Murder)
1968 Bimbo Coles NBA guard (Golden State Warriors)
1968 Carlos Costa Spain, tennis star
1968 Jo Angel cricketer (big Western Australia right-arm fast bowler, Australia 1993-)
1968 Vernell Coles basketball player (Olympics-bronze-1988)
1968 Zarley Zalapski Edmonton, NHL defenseman (Calgary Flames)
1969 Craig Logan Scotland, rock bassist (Brothers Front, Bon Jovi-New Jersey)
1969 Bobby Olive NFL wide receiver (Indianapolis Colts)
1969 George Williams Lacrosse WI, catcher (Oakland A’s)
1969 Roger Jones NFL center (Cincinnati Bengals)
1970 Claus Biedermann WLAF linebacker (Rhein Fire)
1970 Coleman Bell NFL tight end (Washington Redskins)
1971 Ingo Rademacher German Federal Republic, actor (Jasper Jacks-General Hospital)
1971 James Burton NFL cornerback (Chicago Bears)
1971 Milos Holan Bilovec Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)
1971 Nicklas Kulti Sweden, tennis star
1972 Anna Falchi Tampera Finland, actress (La Dolce Vita ’90)
1972 Sabine Appelmans Aalst Belgium, tennis star (Strasbourg doubles final)
1973 Christopher Sanders tight end (Washington Redskins)
1973 Scott Fields NFL linebacker (Atlanta Falcons)
1974 Scott Nemes actor (Ricky Halsenbach-The Wonder Years, Grant Schumacker-It’s Garry Shandling)
1974 Adam Parfitt Victoria British Columbia Canada, rower (Olympics-96)
1974 Georgia Goettmann model (Cosmopolitan-May 1995)
1975 Brian Manning wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
1975 Stijn Haeldermans Belgian soccer player (MVV)
1976 Milena Mayorga Miss El Salvador-Universe (1996)
1980 Aaron Metchnik Santa Barbara CA, actor (Stephen-Torkelsons)
1980 Monica Flammer Gainesville FL, gymnast (alternate-Olympics-96)
1985 Lauri Hendler Fort Belvoir VA, actress (Julie-Gimme a Break)

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