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Virgo : character

chracter virgoVirgo’s character features

People of Virgo are able to think quickly and convince others to believe that they are right. They judge critically all the events and people around, which is not always tolerated, especially when  they preach authoritarian opinions, gossips and are sly, instead of using constructive arguments.

Often, Virgos since the early age is a role model for others – being a diligent, careful and smart student, a golden boy in teacher’s eyes. Sometimes they are not well-liked by peers, but don’t care about it and spend time reading, listening to music, being interested in art, culture, or helping with household jobs – so they can’t complain about boredom.

Nothing irritates Virgos more than chaos, disorder, they also don’t like improvisation and spontaneity. They are systematical, diligent, fair and very practical, can always be relied on. They belong to very intelligent and gifted people, and have a chance to make a great career, however, they don’t care about it – they prefer advisory post to managers ones. They are also able to be appreciated and noticed playing the supporting role.

Virgos are also able to adjust easily. They don’t value money, don’t spend more than earn, rarely overuse food or drinks. They make a perfect candidate for a husband or a wife, but – according to statistics- most of the old bachelors are Virgos, which may be related to sexual complexes, typical for Virgos.

Among their disadvantages, worth mentioning are: passivity, parsimony, pettiness, self-importance, vindictiveness and hypochondria.

Virgos as partners

relations virgoShe-Virgo is a great, faithful, elegant and responsible life companion. She is a monogamist, likes the closeness of her partner and his constant presence in her life, sometimes she may irritate him with her person. She likes culture and lives elegantly.

He-Virgo, on the other hand, is a faithful, caring and calm father, who always provides his children with everything they need. He’s rather reserved, his mind is practical, but he tends to adore his partner too much, he overvalues her advantages, which is often caused by having no one else to compare her to.

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