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7 sins and faults of the zodiacal Virgo

It is not an innocent Virgo who paints her. People under this sign of the Zodiac have several weaknesses that they would rather not hear about

The Zodiacal Virgo is a symbol closely related to the element of the earth.


People under this sign (born between August 24 and September 23) are also subject to the strong influence of Mercury. This mix gives a truly explosive effect.

Her ladies owe their duty and accuracy, which sometimes borders on pretension. The virgins are self-confident and aware of their pluses, thanks to this connection.

What hides the seemingly innocent Virgin? Accuracy and meticulousness characterize this mark. The virgins are organized and do not tolerate chaos in their lives.

They hate unorganized people who meddle in their orderly world. They are pleased to point out such defects to others that they see from a distance. However, they usually do not want to hear about their weaknesses. Here is the first of their sins.



Miss Virgo criticizes eagerly and a lot. She quickly evaluates others and easily deletes them. There is not much room for mistakes and errors in her orderly world.

People from this sign require a lot from themselves and apply the same criterion to others. Their surroundings are not always ready for such a high bar.

Check other defects on the following pages.


Moderation, however, is not a strong side of the Virgo who attach themselves firmly to things and people who hurt them and have a terrible influence on them.

It is another feature that does not have to be so bad. However, a practical and sober thinking lady often loses her head and disentangle herself from the toxic relationship. She is too ambitious not to try to save her relationship.


Everything that Virgo touches MUST turn into gold. Otherwise, she is dissatisfied, which effectively manifests in her environment.

Her perfectionism is sometimes about literalism. It is not always a disadvantage. Usually, however, obligatory and conscientious virgins exaggerate with the ideals they impose.


Hard treading on the ground has its downsides. Logical thinking and clear judgment can be fatal to people under this zodiac sign.

They see things as they are. They do not allow unjustified optimism. Eternally bringing others to the ground, they put people off.


The virgins are not too effusive. They are also not masters in expressing feelings. That is why other signs can take them away as dry and cold people who are immovable.

This judgment does not have to be accurate. The emotionality of the ladies is an individual matter. The only thing that can be said for sure is that these cosmic women are secretive, and it is difficult to reveal their true faces to others.


People born in September and October do not suffer from spending money. They are skins that would not be violating their budget at all.

Saving, however, pushes them to originality. When they choose to give someone a ready-made gift or an interesting handmade type, a few of them will be tempted by the latter.


The virgins have eaten all reason, and now they know best about everything.

They must learn that other people also have some wisdom in life and start to draw on the knowledge of others, not just from their experiences.

They are reluctant to listen to who could have a better recipe for their problem than themselves?

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