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7 major defects characterize the Taurus

Zodiacal Taurus are persistent, loyal, and hardworking, but they also have several disadvantages that make life with them difficult.

The Taurus is a very characteristic sign of the Zodiac.


People born between 19 April and 20 May are under the unique influence of the planet Venus, thanks to which they are highly determined and persistent.

They tread on the ground and can always determine what they want, which is why they are effective in pursuing the goal, like no other.

Zodiacal Taurus is patient and committed and has an excellent intuition that helps them avoid mistakes. Furthermore, Taurus is controlled and balanced.

You can undoubtedly rely on Taurus because they will not let you down in situations.

At first glance, the Taurus seems to be a perfect sign, but it is not so because people under this sign also have many negative traits that make life complicated and persistent.


Bad & negative character traits of Taurus

7 major defects characterize the Taurus.

1. Whimsicality

Taurus demands a lot from the people around them and expects perfection in every respect. When dissatisfied with something, they do not refrain from manifesting their disapproval.

They often fuss and whim to achieve the best. Unfortunately, the taste of Taurus is difficult to satisfy, which makes cooperation with them extremely difficult.

Other defects of the zodiacal Taurus can be found on the following pages.


2. Blindness

Zodiacal Taurus is characterized by a vast stubbornness shared by common sense. When they invent something, nothing will help them, even if they know that the losses will outweigh the profits.

They always have to do it their way and strive for it, even if it causes their loved ones to suffer.

3. Avarice

Taurus value their work and dislike to share its fruits. It is difficult to persuade them to make donations or volunteer work.

Taurus regularly avoid talking about finances for fear that someone might want to borrow money from them. Gifts given by Taurus are always helpful and usually bought at a promotional price.


4. Selfishness

Taurus has a high opinion of themselves and likes to feel pride. They expect respect from the environment, frequently excessive about their position in society.

They can be very unpleasant and elevated over people in difficult situations when they think their successes show better people.


5. Greed

Although Taurus is generally scarce, they do not regret food and drink. Due to their elevated ego, they feel that they have everything they need and do not limit themselves when using it.

Regularly, they cannot sustain moderation at the table and ignore sharing with other people what they eat.


6. The conservatives of views and attitudes

Taurus are reluctant to change their minds like old tried and tested solutions. They do not trust novelties and think many of them make people lazy.

Their reluctance to think about and change their attitude reflects mainly on their emotional and family lives because they cannot reach a consensus during conflicts with their relatives.

The conservatives of views and attitudes

7. Excessive jealousy

Suppose someone decides to have a relationship with a Taurus.

In that case, they must know that many jealousy scenes await them because people born under this sign have powerful self-esteem and expect their partner’s ruthless obedience and respect manifested infidelity and loyalty.

Excessive jealousy
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