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Yes No tarot reading : The Wheel of Fortune

Change · Destiny · Success · Life cycles · A new direction

The Wheel of Fortune indicates that you’ll finally be ready for change.

Sometimes it will symbolize the necessary but very difficult to initiate the transformation of life.

It can be a change of harmful, bad habits or the need to give up harmful habits. It cannot be ruled out that it announces you to leave a toxic compound that affects you badly and destroys you slowly but effectively depriving you of the joy of life.

wheel of fortune yes no tarot

The Wheel of Fortune means happiness, change and a new direction in your life. The beginning of a new stage, new opportunities and opportunities.

The wheel of fortune can also indicate a happy coincidence in your life. Also mistakes from which you unexpectedly draw an important life lesson.

Although it also shows ups and downs, the overall nature of the card is positive, indicating changes for the better, happiness and prosperity in life.

The answer you are looking for is YES.

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