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The Empress – yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Empress

Abundant creativity · Fertility · Fulfillment · Mother’s image · Productivity

The Empress is a model of female power.

It is difficult to understand, mysterious, life-giving, full of passion. Announces the need to be in touch with the female side of nature.

Indicates to listen to intuition and give priority to emotions and passions. It can mean abundance of sensations, spiritual and emotional wealth.

empress yes no tarot

Has such qualities as: etherealness, sensuality. Everything that touches has charm. Ask her now the question that you want to know the answer …..

The Empress means all aspects of motherhood. Guardianship, love, problem solving. It may indicate a desire to start a family and settle down. I suggest a need for someone who cannot take care of himself.

The card symbolizes feminine grace and charm. You will gain a spell that will allow you to recover from uneasy oppression.

The Empress points to successful business ventures or other positive opportunities that it would be a sin not to take advantage of. It means financial security and high comfort of life.

I suggest you move forward to use your full potential, and the answer you are looking for is: YES.

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