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The Chariot – yes no tarot

Travel · Growth · Strong character · Success as a result of effort · Transport and movement

The chariot shows a lot of energy, but you can’t waste it for nothing.

The charter requires that you focus on the proper use of life energy and direct it to a specific purpose, to do something that we planned for a long time in a good cause.

When this card appears spaced, it may mean that you’ll probably be able to clearly define what your hopes and dreams are and what you want to do to make them happen.

chariot yes no tarot

The chariot indicates an increase in the pace of your life, acceleration of the development of a situation, greater dynamism of the events happening. If you have any questions for the card, ask them now in your spirit.

The chariot announces a journey. It may indicate a trip for a longer period and moving for one abroad. Predicts a more intense period in life.

You will now be very hit, energetic and creative. You should make the most of your time.

This card may indicate increased physical exertion and work, which, however, can be very fruitful and profitable.

The presence of the Chariot has a positive connotation, so this journey will probably be some kind of progress.

It can also mean a great success that you have worked hard for. The confidence, direction and victory expressed by this card indicate that the answer is YES.

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