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Yes No tarot reading : Justice

Balance · Equality · Honesty · Justice · Law and legal issues

Justice concerns the idea of ​​karma and the law of cause and effect.

This card indicates that all events and all people are connected to each other.

It is important to remember that all events, everything we deal with, is a direct result of our actions or karma.

justice yes no tarot

The card may indicate that you would like to take the blame for the actions of a loved one. Even if you did, remember that moral responsibility cannot rest on you.

Justice is a card that indicates the need to organize its affairs and life.

You will finally be able and ready to regulate your relationship status. You will also take seriously the matter, which you have kept moving in time.

Now you will get involved in matters that you have put off for a long time, especially you will deal with issues related to documents, office matters etc.

The Charter of Justice deals with karma, justice and balance in all aspects of your life.

It does not suggest a result that is for or against you, but indicates the need for responsibility, dignity and integrity.

There is no clear answer to your question.

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