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Yes No tarot reading : Judgment

Change · Decisions · Success · Transformation · Boiling

The final court can be a card telling about drawing conclusions and decisions, especially those taken too hastily.

If you are a hothead and spontaneous by nature, you do not think too long, but you act quickly and vigorously, this is a clear signal that you slow down and give yourself more time to think, and more opportunities to fix mistakes made.

It can also be a time of basic spiritual awakening. Her presence in the spacing will indicate changes in your life. Now ask the most important question in your spirit and find out what’s ahead of you.

judgment tarot yes no

The Last Judgment card means change or transformation, probably one that has already happened. It may indicate the need to draw conclusions from previous events, decisions or errors.

It also symbolizes the need to make some plans for the future, think about what to do next.

The Last Judgment calls you to act, create new things, celebrate successes, and if you were in it, also get out of the hole.

The presence of the Last Judgment in spacing can mean the presence of a spiritual or professional calling and decision making that will lead to your success. The answer to your question is: YES.

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