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Death – yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : Death

End · New Beginning · Loss · Dramatic Change · Destruction

Death rarely indicates physical death.

It is more about destruction and rebirth. Death means transience, renewal, changeability, and the transience of happiness that is not given to us forever.

The card indicates transformation and change. This is definitely a time of profound change, probably both internal and external.

yes no tarot death

Death reminds you that nothing in life is permanent. People and situations are changing. If you have any doubts about them, ask yourself a question and let the card work.

Death is the end of a cycle, the transition to a new period of life, the end and the beginning of the next stage, which may not be too easy and especially comfortable.

This card may indicate that you will separate yourself from what was in the past. However, you will accept the changes and get used to your new situation.

However, it cannot be ruled out that you will face some trauma, loss, failure or destruction along the way. The general sign of this card is dark and dark, so your answer is NO.

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