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Love tarot reading : The Wheel of Fortune

Change · Destiny · Success · Life cycles · A new direction

The Wheel of Fortune indicates that you’ll finally be ready for change.

Sometimes it will symbolize the necessary, but extremely difficult to transform life. It can be a change in eating habits or the need to give up harmful habits.

It is possible that also leaving a toxic compound that badly affects you and destroys you slowly but effectively depriving you of the joy of life.

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This card is very confusing in your personal life, especially in the intimate sphere.

It is possible that your relationship will stop meeting your needs. You must remember that you and your partner are both changing, your priorities and goals may also change over time.

At this point, you may need to talk about the future of your relationship. Honesty will be the basis for it, because if you fail to agree on a compromise, you may have to break up. Peace and harmony will help you do it with class.

This does not mean, however, that if you are in a stable relationship, it is doomed to failure, it just says that you will have to work on your relationship. Talk about how you feel – this is your best hope.

Singles will have to rethink their expectations of potential partners. Do this before you go out to people, and your search will be much easier.

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