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The Pope – love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Pope

Approval · Compliance · Consent · Good Advice · Marriage or community

This card largely refers to the choice of what is right, right and moral.

Maybe you have problems and you are not sure what is good for you. In this situation, you must realize that all the answers are within you.

You should realize that a good decision is one that does not hurt others, but above all is not contrary to your values ​​or beliefs.

pope love tarot

The Pope also refers to our emotional, intimate and erotic sphere. He points to the partner’s prudery and may refer to patterns that, although persistently used, can work in relationships and bring the expected results.

You can do very well in love. Your relationship may be somewhat conventional, based on old but well-functioning schemes.

This card may mean that your other half is a traditionalist who doesn’t like experiments and expects the same from you.

The Pope refers primarily to principles, restrictions and appearances. Indicates that as long as you both stick to the other boundaries, you’ll be fine with you.

Watch out for coldness and lack of sensitivity. He may appear on the side of your partner, who probably does not have the hottest temperament, which does not mean that he does not love you.

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