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The Papess – love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Papess

Female influences · Mystery · Understanding · Wisdom

The priestess is a very spiritual card – sexual in nature.

It may mean that you are in a phase in which you are an extremely attractive person.

It is a card assigned to the moon, femininity and inspiration that you will draw intensively from everything you come into contact with.

love tarot papess

It can be a magical, mystical time for love. The relationships you enter into will not only be very important, but also extremely deep, intense and exciting. It is possible that you have not felt such a surge of emotions throughout your life.

If you are not dating someone, you may be interested in someone who seems distant and unavailable. Trust your instincts and heart, because it will lead you better to love conquests than the always careful and cool head.

You can also arouse great interest from the opposite sex. Use this power wisely – it is powerful!

People in relatively new, “fresh” relationships will start to feel at ease with them, secure and gain mutual trust. Partners with longer experience will be surprised by spontaneity in the relationship, which they may not have felt for so long.

Singles have a chance of having an affair. They certainly won’t complain about the lack of interest.

love tarot
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