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Love tarot reading : The Lovers

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Lovers are associated with the astrological sign of Gemini.

This card can therefore refer to our complicated, dual nature. Both to what is inside us, spiritual, related to emotions, as well as to simple everyday matters and all matters related to our analytical side.

Lovers literally almost point to lovers in the intimate sphere. They refer to the most delicate feelings, such as love, fascination, infatuation, eroticism we feel, or the attractiveness of a partner that we will find difficult to resist.

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When this card appears, it usually means that the near future will probably bring you love that will be your priority.

It will be either a new relationship or an old love that will revive again. Either way, you’ll be completely happy with this romance, and others will notice that you are beaming.

It will be something serious. This card can also mean that the relationship you are in is forever. You will get along perfectly with your partner and you will not even feel the need to spend time separately, devoting it to your classes or passions.

Paradoxically, the Lovers’ Card also symbolizes freedom in a relationship. The freedom to do what we want and to go in a direction that attracts us.

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