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The Hermit – love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Hermit

Detachment · Advice · Loneliness · Difficult search and introspection · Thinking and reflection

The hermit is an extremely spiritual card and is often associated with institutions and large organizations – from the bank to the Christian church.

This card indicates spirituality, even if you are an atheist. It will not necessarily be about religiousness, but rather about a sense of emotional depth and a stronger feeling of what is happening in your life.

This may have to do with a person who you have some doubts about and you don’t know what to expect from them. The card reveals the true nature of this person, e.g. shows the most attractive and least desirable features of your partner.

hermit love tarot

Refers to what you need to avoid and fear in a relationship. Contains information about tensions and problems in your relationship with your other half.

It is possible that the romance of your past will be flared up again. After all, old loves don’t rust so easily. Consider, however, do you really want it?

It looks like romantic relationships are not a priority for you right now. Although you may think that you only need a partner to be happy, think about whether you will find evidence for your thesis in your life.

What do you enjoy the most? What activities are you most willing to do? Do you find yourself among people, or maybe moments of loneliness are more valuable to you? All these questions will help you determine your priorities.

In a stable relationship, you can move in completely different directions for some time. Try to spend time and strength to keep in touch and keep the spark in the relationship.

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